Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More cool DAMNED news

One of my many pictures from the Angelspit concert. Really love this one!

Hi there! I am so excited to hear that the DAMNED art show will once again be a feature story for one of metro Detroit's biggest publications, Real Detroit Weekly. OOOoooo, very exciting stuff!!! As I said before this is not your typical art's a pretty big deal. And they will probably use some art pieces in the article for pictures. I wouldn't expect mine to get in...but I can sure hope. ;} (Last year's cover of RDW for DAMNED was very creepy and disturbing-a photograph of a person's tongue wrapped in barbed wire-ouch!!!)

Why DAMNED is a big deal (imo)? First I'd say because it's only once a year (this show being the 2nd year). Second because H.R. Giger and Marilyn Manson will be displaying their art at DAMNED for year two, and those are some pretty BIG names. Third because it caters to both artists and the general public who appreciate creepy/spooky/bizarre/disturbing/thought-provoking art. And lastly (and maybe because I'm pretty sure it's only a DETROIT thing-it's on Devil's Night (the 2nd night of the show).

And Devil's Night is the night before Halloween (the 30th)...a night that is feared a bit (yet not as much as in previous years) because of people basically being BAD-causing trouble late into the night. Good example: my mom works as a custodian at a school (the night shift 3-11pm) and she has to stay in her car (in the parking lot) watching the premises until probably 2 or 3 am. So yeah, it's a lil' spooky of a night here in the Detroit area. I think maybe once something egged my car...that was really fun to get off. Ugh!

Click HERE to see Real Detroit's website if you're interested. Please know that DAMNED isn't featured in it just YET...very soon though...and you know I'll post about that of course! I just put the addy if you wanted to see their site. And since I'm in the show I get many heads-up (which is great...especially so I can pass on the news) and here's exactly what the email said to me about RDW...

"We are now coming up on the final 2 weeks before DAMNED and things are picking up around the event. We received confirmation that one of Detroit's largest papers Real Detroit will be creating another feature story on DAMNED like last year!"

And here's what was said about the first night's VIP reception, which I'm REALLY looking forward to.

RECEPTION: As stated before, the artist reception is Thursday October 29th from 7pm until 9pm. There will be a chef preparing tapas appetizers as well as an absinthe tasting, special sneak preview performance and other goodies. This is a perfect time to chat with those wanting to meet the artists or purchase their art before the public doors.

And that will pretty much RULE!!! I have no idea what TAPAS appetizers are (anyone who knows, feel free to tell me) but I'm sure it'll be interesting. AND I've only had absinthe once so it'll be cool to have some again. But not TOO much of course as I want to be somewhat sane when chatting with people...haha.

So that's all the news for now. Things I still need to do include: wrapping up (possibly putting in boxes) my 2 art pieces, getting my outfits coordinated for both nights (well a girl has got to look her best), and maybe doing notecards that I would sell in the gift shop. I thought I could do it but they aren't coming out the way I wanted 'em I might just drop that idea. I'll see how it I still have 2 weeks before the show. But time flies so I must do the most important thing first--->which is wrapping/boxing my pieces so they won't get damaged while they are sitting around in the gallery waiting to get put up.

OK< wow, this post was much longer than expected. Sorry!!! Alright, take care and chat with you later.

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Anonymous said...

wow, this is all great. i just keep thinking "man,she's gonna have tons of pics to show!!"

Sullivan McPig said...

sounds really exciting!

All Hallows Eve said...

You're right ROXY! I'm going to have to buy another memory card. lol

tracy said...

Abisinthe and tapas...yeah, baby, i'm in....not to mention meeting you and the whole ambiance!