Saturday, October 10, 2009

My name in PRINT...well, online print for the 1st time

(After cutting my terribly long bangs. They actually look kinda crappy. The headband is the solution. I chopped 'em a bit too much cuz again, SO LONG, so the band pushes down my hair. Of course I have to go and do this 2 weeks before the art show! But my hair grows really fast so hopefully I'll be able to sport my bangs then. ^_^)

The artist roster for the DAMNED II art show is finally up. Unfortunately neither H.R. Giger nor Marilyn Manson will be attending the show though :(...BUT some of their art will be there which is still very cool. So just to say I was in a show with Manson & Giger's work is pretty awesome to me!

Anyhow over 700 pieces (not artists) submitted art and approx. 130 artists got in. I'm not sure how many pieces each person got in but as most of you know my now I got two pieces in. One that I made particularly for DAMNED II (Female Baggage) and the other (Bruised Girl) was not made purposely for the show...but found out I got that one in first, go figure!

Anyways check out the roster HERE and you'll see the list of artists (which about half are from Detroit...some from other states...and even some from this is not just your typical local show, which is a good thing of course!). And don't worry if you don't know who any of them are, I know maybe 5 artists, including Giger & Manson.

BUT not to toot my own horn or anything but my name is kinda high on the list...well, it's still below Giger & Manson and the "special guest" artists but still up there because they put the artist names in alphabetical order by first name, not last...cuz some don't have last names...I'm assuming that's why.

Anyways, it's my first time seeing EVE NOIR in print (well, you know besides here)...because it is an alias I created just a few years ago. Pretty much when I changed my old artist name (which was RUSSET, don't ask me why...just thought it sounded cool). I have a lot of old pieces of art (going back to 2001 or so) with that name on it...yes no last name or maybe no first name...just Russet. I may (MAY, not sure yet) sell some of my old canvas sheets at a cheaper price in my ETSY shop because I do have a bunch that I still think are cool...just with my old 'artiste' name on 'em.

OK, please check out the roster (and the whole site while you're there)...feed my ego (you know leave me a comment)...and take care.


And thanks for looking at the roster if you choose to TOO!~

6 Curious people had this to say...:

The Queen of Clearance. said...

that post that you wanted it now up :) also I loooove seeing your name on that list! it makes me sooo proud of you. and btw your song on your blog is starting to grow on me. lol.

Sullivan McPig said...

Very cool! And too bad Manson isn't coming, but there will probably be lots of other interesting artist to talk to.

Eve Noir said...

Queen- Thanks, it was a really lovely post. I like that you combined Sullivan's pack & mine. Now I know why you were saving it. Sorry, I have a serious problem with being impatient! ;)

You are so sweet, awww I am proud too. And that's cool about the song...BUT it's actually getting on my nerves a bit, so enjoy it while you can. LOL

Sullivan- Yeah, it is a bummer but you're right, there will probably be some cool peeps to chat with. I am very excited about the meet-n-greet kinda thing cuz I get to meet the other artists and (hopefully) people interested in my art. ;)


Demented Wench said...

I wish I could go to that show!

And I think your bangs look ok but what do I know about bangs? (says the woman with a cowlick)

tracy said...

i see you! Wow, that's soooo exciting! So very happy for you. It looks like it will be just an amazing evening! Congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

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