Monday, November 2, 2009

2nd Question asked by a Curious Person

-You're put on a desert island and can only take three albums (ignore the mp3 aspect), which ones would you take and why?

First & foremost, The Pixies: Doolittle.

The Pixies are my fave band of all-time. For me, this is their best work out of their 5 albums. If anyone was ever curious to 'the type of person I am or what kind of music I like in general,' I would just tell them to listen to this from beginning to end. I've had this album for over 15 years and I know I could listen to it for over 15 more, so yeah definitely Doolittle.

Second, Tori Amos: Boys For Pele.

I love Tori Amos. She is such a cool, kooky, and awesome woman. And I appreciate all those things about her personality. As an artist, she is quite a storyteller. Every album has a story and I love those types of albums. Plus her voice is so beautiful & haunting that it literally gives me chills sometimes. Examples on this album are: Horses and Hey Jupiter. And up until I discovered Tori, I wasn't familiar with the piano and how wonderful the sounds that come from it are. Plus I've seen her live a handful of times and that was even more AMAZING. Even more chills! So of course I had to include something from her in my desert island albums.

Third and lastly, Dead Man's Bones: Self-Titled (debut album).

Do I really need to say WHY for this one? :) Yes, I love Ryan but I seriously did not think this album would be as great as it is. Kinda sounds bad saying it like that but really I had no expectations so when I heard the whole CD I was SO blown away. Never heard anything quite like it before: just two guys using vocals, drums, and piano only (no string instruments of any kind). Also, many of the backing vocals are provided by a children's choir...and they add so much to the CD. This might seem like a "Halloween themed" CD or a really creepy/supernatural one, but I know I could listen to it during all times of the year. Some of the sounds don't scream out "Halloween!" and are quite minimalistic but still intense. Example: Dead Hearts.

So I've had this CD for three weeks now and it's in my house's CD car...and if I had an IPOD, I'm sure I'd listen to it quite often on there too. Pretty non-stop. I mean I listen to other things still but I'm really loving this new kinda sound so I'm kinda obsessed (you'd know this especially if you've seen my FaceBook comments over the past month).


2 Curious people had this to say...:

Sullivan McPig said...

Well thought out choices.
For me it would be:
1) an album by Barry White, which includes at least 'Can't get enough of you love'.
2) Tom Waits - Bone Machine
3) Corvus Corax - Cantus Buranus

My owner's choice:
1) Tanzwut - Labyrinth der Sinne
2) Bat for Lashes - Two Suns
3) The Sundays - Blind

Eve said...

Thanks. Good picks for you too. Two Suns, hm? Great album!