Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Boo McPig Has Been Up To

  • Hi everyone. It's been a long long time since I talked about my pig Boo aka: Sullivan McPig's distant cousin. Actually I don't think I've done his previous posts here. Think he was only on my other (now defunct) blog For the Love of Goth. Sooooo....he's going to pop up here from time to time to say what he's been up to. So I'll let him tell you that now. Hope you enjoy his story!~

Greetings curious friends of my owner Eve! My name is Boo McPig. And a special "Hello" to my overseas cousin Sullivan McPig. :)
Well, I've been a very busy pig lately. I've been helping Eve out with Xmas things like shopping and writing out xmas cards. Next thing we need to do is decorate the house a little as I love all the holidays, especially Halloween and Xmas.

We also got a new housemate named Pen. He's a blue skeleton creature. He said it was too cold this year up at the North Pole and wanted to enjoy his winter with us. He's a good friend of Sad Boy's...but at the moment Sad Boy is very busy (he even locked himself in a small cabinet!) to write some "dark" poetry. Well, that's what he told me. I hope he comes out for Xmas atleast!

Also, Eve let me order my Xmas gift early
(mainly because she knows my gift will sell out fast)...
BUT she said I can't open it until Xmas day. Oinks!
The suspense is terrible...but Eve hides it from me so I don't stare at it all day.

Lastly, I've been watching over Eve because she hasn't been feeling well. Her boyfriend (Pumpkin) isn't home during the day so I gotta be the pig-around-the-house. ;) I make sure she follows the doctor's orders and drinks plenty of fluids, rests, and doesn't go outside much. She's been pretty good and I even told her she can still have her Starbucks drink (pictured next to me) if she sticks to the doctor's orders. LOL...oink oink!
That's about all that's been happening with me. I am very excited for Xmas and hope my cousin Sullivan and his owner enjoy the gifts Eve and I picked out for them this holiday. It was a lot of fun putting their package together! I just want to say "Miss You Cousin Sullivan especially during the holidays!"
Take care readers of Eve's Blog and oink at you later!~

2 Curious people had this to say...:

Sullivan McPig said...

Yay! Boo: I missed you too. Good to see how you're doing. Take good vare of Eve so she's all better at Christmas and you can all have a great time!

Sullivan McPig said...

Take good Care i meant to say. Got no clue what vare might be ;-p