Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh, I got A LOT of pics to come! ;)

It's me. Through my "Scary Teddy" art piece (and its mirrors).

Possibly the creepiest cover (and book) we have at the library. LOL!

And creepier. "Author with hand puppet." ;)

In the .25 cent machines at Meijer...or some place like that. Nothing that interesting in these wonder balls though, booooo!!!


Structure outside the Tangent Gallery...where the DAMNED Art Show was at.

Another daytime view of the gallery.

Tangent Gallery's sign.

View of the gallery from wayyyyyy up high in the VIP area. It was getting a bit more packed at this time...hence why I went up to VIP for a few. (Eve doesn't like crowds very much.)

A scratch off lotto ticket that was out during Halloween time. I won the first 3 times I bought a ticket...so I kept buying 'em...and probably won only 2 more times. Hmm...probably bought 10-12 of 'em...cuz they were fun...and cuz I thought I'd win the BIG prize-31, 000 dollars, woooo!

A piece from a mixed media show at LIFT. So is the one pictured below...of Betty & Princess.

3 Curious people had this to say...:

Sullivan McPig said...

Scary book indeed!
And Bibi is cute as always.

tracy said...

Ha, ha, ha....Spongebob! i am still a regular fan...i doubt if anyone catches him!

Anonymous said...

does the scratch off glow in the dark?!