Saturday, February 13, 2010

Anti-Valentine's Day Art

Hey there. I love the above pic I found, haha!'s some pics of my anti-Valentine's Day art. Although I DO have a boyfriend and of course I LOVE my friends and family, I find this holiday kinda odd...and pretty much a slap in the face to the people who don't have significant others. IDK why...just how I feel. And it's kinda cheesy...but that's just my opinion. So here's art that was inspired not so hardcore for this holiday. >_<

Title: Unhappy Candy Hearts. I took a picture (with a frame) and painted over it with purple metallic acrylic paint. I glued the candy hearts on, then wrote some not-so-happy sayings...not realizing the marker bleeds insanely! So the words came out BIGGER than I wanted but atleast the marker didn't blur the words completely.

Next I dripped the purple paint on each heart...then black and white. Originally didn't want to cover up the hearts that have paint completely on them...there were words written on them too....the paint kinda did what it wanted. OK, this is the only one I'm going to chat about. If you have any questions on my other pieces, just let me know, thanks!

2 piece mixed media: Titles: top-Love in Bloom and bottom-Love Shattered

His name is...Gus Van Valentine. He's a Munny vinyl toy. I love making Munnys now...he's my 3rd one. The other two were a deer/goat creature and a fox...he's actually the FIRST (regular) MUNNY I completed...those other 2 are considered MUNNY "characters"...GUS is a typical Munny. Sorry, it's weird to explain! Just google it if you're curious. Thanks!

Ciao friends~~~

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Sullivan McPig said...

Very cool art!
The Unhappy Candy Hearts rock!!
And I love the swirly head of the Munny

Eve said...

Thank you Sullivan! ^_^