Friday, March 19, 2010

Sneak Peek of Mural + A Pic for Roxy

Hey friends, what's up? Me, not too much. Got home a couple hours ago from the gallery. Above is a sneak peek of the mural I worked on today. I'll post pics after tomorrow's show. (Can't spoil the SURPRISE now!) ^_^

The pic below is one that I made for the show (Shades of Green: Peeking through D {as in Detroit}-Snow)...Roxy asked about it so I figured I'd put it here. {The piece below is called "Pisces."} And it's something new I'm trying with my pieces...and that's adding a bit of fabric. I still painted what is under the fabric...I just decided how much fabric to use on the top. Do you guys like the idea of fabric on art? I'm also choosing interesting types of fabric...imo...and this one I thought was pretty cool.

OK, gotta go but I'll update you on the show soon...oh & wish me luck! Adios for now~

4 Curious people had this to say...:

Sullivan McPig said...

I think the fabric really adds to the piece. Looks very beautiful. And the sneakpeek of the mural looks cool! I love the drippy paint

Eve said...

Thanks TWICE Sullivan! ^_^

Enjoy your weekend! XoX

Demented Wench said...

Good luck and the mural peek looks good. :)

Samantha Reynolds said...

Eve! I Love The Black and Blue butterflies! I know this is out there but I would love to buy it! Or see if you could repaint one for me! I love it so so so so so much!!