Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tonight at 12:01 AM I'm going to be...

...falling down the rabbit hole as I FINALLY see Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. Oh MYYYY! I really can't believe the time is here. As many of you know I have been waiting SO long for this. (I believe my 2nd post on here was about Alice, or it could've been my first.) And even before hearing rumors that Burton was thinking about doing an Alice film, I often said to Mike..."It would be so cool if he took on Alice or Oz"

Then I started to think "He should take on Alice...I could see it." And so when I heard the news that Johnny was the Mad Hatter, I freaked out...yeah, literally! Tim Burton is (hands down) my favorite director (seen almost every one of his films at the theatre...going back to Batman I & 2 when I was just a kid)...and Alice has always been very fascinating & inspiring to me.

So yeahhhhh, this is a BIG deal. ^_^ I'm going to purchase my advance tix soon and oh no, just wait til I have those in my hands...I will be jumping up & down, lol. Take care friends!~

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Sullivan McPig said...

Have lots of fun!
We're going to see it in the cinema after all! The cinemas finally decided not to boycot the movie afterall.

Stεℓℓα said...

you´re so lucky! here it doesn´t come to cinemas until april, shame... :( i just can´t wait

i love tim burton too, and i thought he could do alice and oz too, well now one of them´s done, hope he makes the other one ^^
my favourite of burton is big fish, no doubt, i cry at the end every time i watch it, sooo beautiful.

well, enjoy alice and tell us how it was^^


Demented Wench said...

Have fun! :)

tracy said...

Have a fantastic time! i know you will love it!

Eve said...

Thanks all! I saw it at 12:01 am (early fri morn), and then again today. Amazing! I recommend it of course. 3D was stunning! Every character was great...every moment was treasured!