Monday, May 24, 2010

Your ideas for another Miss Cupcake???

Hey friends. I have another Miss Cupcake DIY vinyl to work on. Anything you'd like to see me do to it? Any particular colors...glitter having a face maybe...or any objects that I could put on the vinyl cupcake??? Let me know and I will take your suggestions and start working on it soon. Anything goes...don't forget that! ;)

Until next time!~

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Ϩtεℓℓα said...

cute! ^.^

Lesa said...

Where did you find those kits? (I hardly ever get out! LOL!) Was the process very involved? Have you decided on your design yet?

cindy said...

maybe you could get some of those big googly eyes from a craft store? that would be really cute! i mean, i don't know if you're going for super cute or not, but it's a thought! :)

Eve Noir said...

Thanks everyone!

The cupcakes I got on CLEARANCE at Urban Outfitters. Think original price was 9 or 10 dollars each (which is the average price for DIY vinyls)...and were on sale for $3. I want to go back & get more...but the UO is a little bit of a drive. :(

Lesa: No the process is very simple. It comes with the cherry on top & everything-you just add your paint, marker, etc...and VOILA. I would think if you typed in "Miss Cupcake" in Google, it would come up...hope that helps!


Demented Wench said...

Chocolate! Oh wait, wrong type of cupcake.

Anonymous said...

these are CUTE!!! you should make an "evil" one. make it a dark color or a super bright color and give it evil eyes or a mad face. hahaha it just makes me wonder how cute making a cupcake evil would be!