Saturday, June 5, 2010

Winner of my 600th Post Giveaway

Hello friends. I just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL for participating in my giveaway. I enjoyed reading all of your answers. I really appreciated your kind honest words about my art too. I'm always curious to what people think of it...that's why I asked that question. BUT anyways, you want to know who's getting the PRIZE right? (Drum roll)

And the winner is.....TOOK !!!

Please give her BIG CONGRATS on her winnings! I have just recently met her (she has a Blog here too, check it out here!) and she is a very cool lady and artist too. I hope YOU enjoy your prizes Took. All I need you to do is e-mail me your home addy, thanks.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. Enjoy your Saturday!~

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