Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cow Bones & a Plushie

Cow bones from Noir Leather.
Yes the real thing.
How, what, why?...
I don't know but don't really care...
cuz now they are mine, muhahahaha. ;)

BIG cute plushie from LIFT.
And his body comes apart. Fun!

Today the city of Royal Oak was having a BIG sidewalk sale. One store, Noir Leather, had lots of cool stuff including mannequin parts, old vintage knick knacks, and...bones. Yes, real bones. As in cow bones. I mean I HAD to get them. How often do you see REAL bones for sale? ;) I will keep one for my "collection" (not that I had any bones before today) and the other I will alter in some artsy way. Oh yes, and a great deal on 'em too! {5 dollars for both, wow!}

The other score I got today was on this cool PLUSHIE, from my favorite store in Royal Oak, LIFT. He is some sorta creature...the tag doesn't say what he is so I'm gonna guess he's maybe a caterpillar-whale-squishy thing. He IS super cute & cuddly...AND he comes apart too! How funny is that? I couldn't leave Royal Oak without him.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!~

7 Curious people had this to say...:

Demented Wench said...

Bones are always fun to play with. One time I scrambled down the side of a mountain to get a deer spine so a friend could use the vertebrae to make drink coasters.

Sullivan McPig said...

The plushie looks awesome! And I think it's a caterpillar too.

Eve Noir said...

Thanks you two!

Really Wench? A deer spine for coasters! Now you got me very curious. (I'm having this strange mental picture of you going down the mountain to get bones, lol.)

Demented Wench said...

1) I have never seen the deer spine coasters so I can't say whether they're good for that or not.

2) Try a mental image of me sliding down the side of a mountain on my butt, through a prairie rose, and you'll have an accurate picture of what happened.

Geli Girl said...

That's friggin' hilarious!!!! (That I am reading this right now)

I passed by their sidewalk sale and when I saw the bones and mannequins, I said to myself, I bet that Eve Noir would totally buy those for some art pieces...

and later today I am checking my blog feeds and I read this and discover that YOU DID buy them!!!


Eve Noir said...

@ Wench: LOL! Funny picture.

@ Geli Girl/Angel: Haha Angel you know me pretty well. ;) Yeah at their last sidewalk sale I bought a mannequin arm, which sadly I haven't done anything with-I want to hang it from my ceiling in some way. (I talked to the owner's wife & she said fishing wire is very strong so maybe that!) I wanted more bones & mannequin parts but not enough $$$...still I was happy to walk away with 2 HUGE bones for $5 dollars total.

Did you buy anything at the sidewalk sale in Royal Oak Angel?

Geli Girl said...

Didn't buy anything. I was drinking with a friend at Gus's and walked by Noir Leather! Ha!