Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vintage Photos

Hi friends.

I'm stopping by again...twice in a week, woowoo. Well I can't say I don't miss my Blog...because of course I do! :) Anyways, not many people know I collect vintage photos. I try to narrow it down to girls/women & also children. Every now and then I'll find a picture of a couple I like or men but in general it's women & children. I even have some framed...but most are not.

This picture is not one I actually own but it's similar to the ones I have. Kinda creepy hm? Yeah, some of them are...while some are very beautiful. I especially like it when people date & name stuff on the back of the picture. If they don't, I get very curious.

I won't be getting a scanner anytime soon but maybe I'll show you some from my own collection in the future. Enjoy your weekend...and for USA people-enjoy your holiday weekend. Fourth of July...firecrackers...oh nooooo! It's gonna be crazy where I live...everyone in the neighborhood seems to be setting 'em off!


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