Saturday, July 10, 2010

Unfiltered V Art Show Tonight!

The Unfiltered Art Show is tonight! I have FOUR pieces of my art on display/for sale and they will be up for over a month. Longest amount of time my work has been displayed, yay. There are a total of 30 local, national, and international artists that will also have work on display in the gallery (approx. 100 pieces)...and all SELF-TAUGHT artists. This should be a really fun show...I'm super excited and just want to go there...NOW! (anxious anxious, excited excited!)

I will more than likely post all my pictures from the show on my Facebook page. Sorry my fellow Bloggers &'s just a lot easier for me to do it that way. But I will probably still post several pics I know not everyone has a Facebook account. Wish me luck and I will chat with you all later.


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