Monday, February 21, 2011

First post for February: some art & photography

Hello Blogger friends.
Here's some new (and old) pictures for your viewing pleasure. I've been doing some photography a bit more often. Some are just random shots I post on my Facebook art page. And some are when I'm working on a "project"...a "look" for a performance art character.
I was going to wear the above "look" for a show but got cold feet at the last minute. But it will be used for something...sometime. Just wasn't feelin' it for this particular show.

Also, you will see some of my art that I've completed recently. Art Shows you may wonder? Well, more than likely I won't be part of a show until the summer. And I'm fine with that. Gives me time to rework a lot of paintings and to think about the new directions I want to go into. Last year was CRAZY BUSY. I had a show almost every month. I'm glad things are at a much slower pace now. Plus this weather has been insane! Could barely get down my street today, ugh. Spring needs to get here asap!

Hope you are all doing good.

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