Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Next art show Unfiltered VI

Unfiltered VI is the next art show I will be a part of. I have three pieces in. All are different sizes...and all are images of girls. I'm extra excited about this show because my good {and very talented} friends Dollie Dagger & Void Pop will also have work on display. Check out the gallery's website HERE.

Sixth annual outsider art group show. We use the term "outsider art" with the full realization that the term has become diluted, and true outsider artists don't answer call for artists and have Etsy stores for their wares. That's fine with us, we're not really interested in discovering the next Henry Darger or Adolf Wolfli. What we are interested in is showcasing some of the great self trained artists out there, some of whom certainly have an outsider aesthetic, while some fit more in the category of naive and simply want to learn how to create on their own without paying 25 thousand dollars a year for art school. Still others embrace the folk art tradition, or come from a graffiti/street art background.

In it's sixth year, those that have attended previous shows know that Unfiltered has consistently presented eclectic array of primarily self taught artists, some of which are well established, while others create on the fringes and have little opportunity to show their art outside of shows like Unfiltered. The Funhouse Gallery is one of the few galleries in Detroit that supports this type of art.

Here's a list of participating artists:

Justin Aerni
Anita Anderson
Johnny "Bee" Badanjek
Jennifer Bienhacker
Emi Boz
Nicolas Caeser
Dan Casado
Dollie Dagger
Gus Fink
Dan Frasher
Took Galagher
Holly Hinkle
Gwen Joy
James Kaufman
Mike Kelly
Franco Meloni
Rob Mills
Juana Moore
Eve Noir
Rick Petrea
Tim Pewe
Megan Renee Rahm
Ashley Reaks
Kelly Richardson
Nic Rosine
Jerry Shirts
Julia Sisi
Dale Teachout
RT Vegas
Void Pop

And in the sideshow gallery: Hand painted movie poster art from Ghana.

Opening Sat August 20th from 6-11 pm.
With Special musical guest Los Minstrels Del Diablo @ 9:30pm.
Runs through October 1st.
Hours Fri 5-9pm/Sat 2-6 or by appt.

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Sullivan McPig said...

I hope you have lots of fun!

Eve Noir said...

Thanks so much! :)

tanders said...

hey Eve, I didn't even hear about the show this year! :( I hope you have a great time and the show is a grand success!

I love your new banner!


Eve Noir said...

Thanks so much Tricia! :)