Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Marilyn Minter

                            Marilyn Minter Interview

I rediscovered an artist named Marilyn Minter.  I really like her art work and I also enjoy her as an artist.  I can really relate to her views on perfection in regards to females.  She seems to get some backlash since she has many assistants work on her pieces.  I find this a little odd but after watching many of her interviews I've come to the conclusion that YES they do work on her art BUT she does take the photos and she does have some other part in the making of her paintings.

In this video Marilyn is walking around her studio with the interviewer to show her art work and also you can see some of the assistants working on the art.  Marilyn creates large scale paintings based off photos.  She calls herself a "finisher" so she does in fact work on her art...just not the same way as most artists do.  I mean if Andy Warhol can (and did) do this then why not her?  The woman is pushing 70 so what is the big deal?  The work is amazing and that's all that should matter, right?

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