Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm SORRY friends & followers

I just wanted to write this to say I'm sorry to my followers & friends on here regarding not responding to your comments/emails yet. I've been kinda busy this week...and I even had yesterday & today off! It's just like you said Dracenea-it's funny how you're more busy sometimes when you're not working! Crazy. Well, I'm off to make dinner soon...but ugh, I got a stupid headache at the moment because I left the kitchen window open while I was on the computer. I hope I don't get sick now. (Someone please blow fairy dust on me!)

Tonight will be a great night because it's The Office's season finale & a new show, that looks hilarious, starts tonight too-Parks & Recreation. I love Amy Poehler. She's a funny lady.

So dearest followers/friends, I will do my best to respond to your comments/emails as soon as I can. Take care & talk to you all later! X's & O's, Eve

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Dracenea said...

Blowing fairy dust on you!