Friday, April 17, 2009

What I got from LIFT yesterday

So were you curious to know what I got?
This was not the first thing I saw but I knew I wanted a TokiDoki item so I got him, Skeletrino. He's a skeleton cat...they didn't have his owner, a skeleton named Adios. But he's just as cool!

There's Adios & Skeletrino on one side of the very cool designed box.

Now THIS was the first thing that caught my eye when I walked in the door.

It's PATCH. A 14" Inch (yes, that tall!) vinyl toy made by one of my favorite artists, Camille Rose Garcia.
These are hard to come by now (been out for quite a while). So there was no question that I'd be leaving the store without her!

Again she's tall but that's sweet. (I'm used to Dunnys, which are only 3" inches tall!) I'm comparing her to a 20 ounce water bottle which she towers above. She was a little pricey but again, I know I'll never find one of these again. Unless I pay a million bucks for it on E-bay or something!

*Note: I guess Camille is no longer doing vinyl toys because of her feelings/views of the environment. Kinda sad but I can understand her reasoning a bit too.

Another CR Garcia doll was there too from this series named LULU. She was really cool also...she was a redhead with a darker red outfit. I was debating for a few minutes. But I found myself more drawn to PATCH.

5 Curious people had this to say...:

Diane said...

i love the skelly-cat! and patch is super cool too!

i was wondering how you display all your fab toys???

Sullivan McPig said...

That is a really cool store. If we had a store like that here I know I would spend way too much money there.
And I love the stuff you bought!

Coco said...

Wooow! Nice stuff!!! Very cool.
Me and my owner agree with Sullivan! If such stuff could be bought overhere... Oh man! Lucky you...

Dracenea said...

I have Skeletrino bookmarked in my favorites in my To Buy section. : ) Awesome finds!

Luna DePassion said...

Sweet finds!! Make sure u get skeletrina for skeletrino ... he gets lonely }:)