Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heads Up!

I bet you guys know what this pic means...well, maybe you do by now. (Think I've used it once or twice now.) If you can't tell (which I'm sure you can), this pic means I'm a bit frustrated (stressing) at the moment.

So now I'll give you all the first heads up...and the first stressing thing going on. And that is although I prefer to respond to some of the comments you all leave me via my email, I'm going to have to stop that. :( It's actually getting a bit hard, so from NOW on I'll be responding directly on the comment page with the rest of you. I know it's hard (especially if you follow several blogs) to keep track but it's what I got to do right now. So please know I'm sorry in advance. BUT I will continue to use my gothiclolita@innocent.com address for all Blogger purposes (that will probably always remain on my profile and in the corner of this page). If you're a blogging friend that I regularly chat with, I am still using my Yahoo addy...that's not going to change.

Another stressing thing. Since you asked Dracenea, and since it's true, yeah things have been a bit stressful figuring out how my boyfriend will get to work every day since his dad no longer works with him. (My boyfriend does not drive or own a license.) And I have sleeping issues (I take medication for insomnia) so it's very hard for me to get up & be alert at the time he needs to be taken there. I did it today but we're thinking about other options. Guess we'll see what happens. *If you'd like to read more about that kinda stuff (cuz I wrote about Mike not driving & his dad losing his job, etc...), it's over at my other blog found HERE. Also, please visit there to see a post I wrote yesterday about my Bestest Blogging Friends and an award I gave 'em. That was one of my most special posts to have ever written! :)

Alright, last thing. I have a busy day tomorrow so I'm not going to be able to do my new photo-story game called In "Other" Words. So if you have participated, or would like to participate (please see previous In "Other" Words posts), I just need ya to save it for next week, k?!? Thanks so much. Also with not doing my new game please know that I may not (I always say may because sometimes I go back on my word) be posting as much this week...on all 3 blogs. But like I said, I'll see how it goes.

I hope you're all doing well and be chatting with you later.
X's & O's to ya~

5 Curious people had this to say...:

Diane said...

hope you get some things figured out about getting his butt to work! one driver and/or car sucks.

heading to my email to write you...

Sullivan McPig said...

Hang in there! We'll be sending positive thoughts and virtual chocolate your way!

Eve Noir said...

@ Diane: Thanks. Ooo, anticipating your message!

@ Sullivan: Thank you. Ooo, chocolate, yum!

Dracenea said...

Hey sweet lady!

Is there a bus or anything he can catch to get to work?

Maybe now is the time for him to work out his issues with driving? Cuz' if it's not this thing, then there are going to be other things in the future that will make it necessary for him to drive or find ways to get places without relying on you.

I hope it all works out in a way that doesn't stress you out!

Dreamwriter said...

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