Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day, Great Score, and Cemetery

Diane @ Good Mourning, Glory! was so kind to make this lovely award pictured above & to give it to me (as well as many other ladies & gentlemen) for Mom's Day. Thanks so much Diane. It's very lovely & purrrty. She gave it to moms and dads of all kinds of 'children'...and I'm the mom of a furry baby named Bibi. She's my lil' white doggie and she's 3 years old. :} She's a very happy, playful, and curious dog. I couldn't imagine living without her-she always makes me smile. ^_^

So this is what Diane's award means (her list has 6 things but I just listed the 1st three for ya):

"You are an elegant Mother"



1. tastefully fine or luxurious in dress, style, design, etc.: elegant furnishings.
2. gracefully refined and dignified, as in tastes, habits, or literary style: an elegant young gentleman; an elegant prosodist.
3. graceful in form or movement: an elegant wave of the hand.

So how did your Mother's Day go my friends? Mine was nice. First Mike and I (and Bibi too of course) went to his parents' house and gave his mom our gift. I think I did a good job of picking it out this year...a nice silver (not real though) necklace in the shape of a heart and earrings to match. She really liked it so I was glad about that. (Got it for such a good deal that I also got her a couple of nice candles.) We didn't stay too long because he mom had to leave with Mike's sister.

Next we went to my parents' house. We had dinner with my parents, my older sister, her three kids, and my brother. My younger sister was with her daughter at the zoo...I have to say it was a pretty nice day for it. My mom had to drive my brother to his job so we didn't stay too much longer after dinner. I gave my mom her gifts...some Sweet Pea body sprays from Bath & Body Works (mom's request), a candle, and a Kohl's gift card because she said she wanted clothes/pj's and I am not good at picking out that stuff for her anymore. So yeah I went with the gift card (non-personal I know)...but that way she can pick out whatever she wants.

My parents have a nice lilac tree in the backyard so I took some of those home...but darn it, didn't take enough. So I have a pretty wimpy display but they still smell nice. After we got home I decided to run up to the mall because the Asian store was closing & I thought maybe I could get a good deal on some stuff. Well, I got something SO SO awesome (You will really like this Dracenea & Diane, I just know it!)...and for such a great deal! (Will prob post on Goth blog...I'll say this much-it's skeleton/skull related...and hand carved too!)

Then (since I was by myself) I went to a cemetery I've always seen when driving around but never went 'in'...never even knew how to get in an oddly placed cemetery.
Well I found out it was a Jewish cemetery...I'm not Jewish but I really like their cemeteries most the times. They didn't have a lot of statues or anything...just really nice headstones and other things I found interesting (like pictures of people who passed on ON the headstone). I'll be posting those (probably in a series because I took about 20 pictures) on my other blog.

So that was pretty much everything. Now, what did YOUs do? Were you good to your mommas!!??!! Did you have a lovely day (if you are a mom)? I hope so. I hope you all will have a great week. This is my last week working for the Winter semester, yeah it's considered Winter because it starts in January. So after this week, I'm not sure of my schedule for a lil' while.

Take care friends and be chatting with some of you soon.~

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Dracenea said...

Cute pics of your baby!

Sounds like you had a great day! Can't wait to see what you bought.

I love the smell of lilacs. So calming.

Sullivan McPig said...

The pics of Bibi are adorable!

Eve Noir said...

Thanks so much! :)