Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Kills at the Magic Stick

I wasn't able to get any shots...I was toooo far away unfortunately. :( But the pics below I took...

First up, the merchandise! Here's the merch table for all 3 bands. The Kills merch being at the end on the right. Mike wanted a shirt but I really didn't want one...didn't want another black shirt...don't really like white shirts...and they had a red one but...

...he wanted that one & got it. Which I didn't mind cuz I wanted something different anyhow. This is the front and the back only has the words 'The Kills' at the top. He liked this shirt because they ALL hate you, ha ha. No, he said afterwards he wanted it because it said Detroit Hates You-didn't even notice that when I was looking at it there.

We were curious to were there's a Georgia (city) or Seven Sisters (city). I looked both up and there's two Georgias-one in Indiana & one in Vermont. We couldn't figure out were Seven Sisters (presumably a city) was at...if anyone knows, lemme know!

I did want something though...either the tote bag or a set of postcards. So I got the tote. I HEART totes (from concerts) these days. And this was a really cool image & a tote you can 'wear' every day unlike a shirt...and it'll last longer. I got into band totes with MSI...then got 'em from Gogol Bordello's concert, Ladytron's, and now The Kills. I could be forgetting one or two though...hmm....

AND a very sweet thing was if your purchase came to $20 (which a t-shirt cost), then you get this sweet mirror (aka: looking-glass) above. So basically with every shirt you get the mirror...Mike gave me his, uhh yeah, he just HAD to!

And this is the actual mirror side...very cool idea! I really like to get something different from a concert nowadays besides a t-shirt. Like tour books, cups, totes, etc...

OK, now for my mini-review...

The Kills were really great in concert Friday night. Didn't care for one of their openers, The Horrors, but as my previous post said, Magic Wands (first opening act) were REALLY good. So for the main band-The Kills are so interesting and fun to watch, and it's just Hotel (Jamie, he's the guitarist) & VV (the singer, sometimes other guitarist) up there. Lots of energy and rockin' good music. VV aka: Allsion is crazy live but I love that. Actually they both were but more so her...she really reminded me of Janis Joplin if I had to compare her to another rockin' lady. Her voice might not be as soulful but her stage presence & attitude was very Janis-like. Oh & she sang "Crazy" by Patsy Cline (right!?) and that was pretty cool. And all this fun for only $15 bucks? was definitely worth every penny!
My only complaints were that the Magic Stick has this ongoing issue where they f*ck up the sound & they (Kills) had to stop & get set up again during the first song. Plus it was over packed in the club (my opinion cuz I've never seen so many peeps in that place before). And we had some BIG @ssholes in front of us at the VIP table. You could tell they weren't really there for the concert...a few of 'em even left halfway through the show-WTH!?? One guy was really annoying...he kept trying to caress & molest (well, practically) his date although she looked like she wanted nothing to do with him. Mike & I pretty much felt like punching him in the face (he did other things like putting his cigarette so freakin' close to us, cuz he was sitting & we were standing right behind him). So thank goodness he left! I hate peeps like that. Ugh!

Overall, it was a great concert and I am going to get there EARLY next time so I can get main floor, front & center (cuz I really wanted some pics). That was a bummer but again, Mike & I were late so it was expected. Definitely one of the best indie rock bands around today.
Check 'em out live if they ever come to your town if ya can!~

From my concert, Friday night, at the Magic Stick
(not my video though)
Funny thing though, this is very close to the view I had of 'em:

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Diane said...

sounds like a fun time. but you are so right about the stick. sound sucks. always. and waaayyyy too crowded.