Sunday, May 3, 2009

Last Show at C-Pop: Part 1 of 3

Mike and I went to C-Pop's last show yesterday night and it was great to see so many awesome paintings/pieces by so many artists all at once. C-Pop is a very well-known contemporary art gallery in downtown Detroit. Many of my favorite artists have had shows and pieces at C-Pop since they've opened their doors many years back. So last night was basically a collective of many of the paintings/pieces shown over the years there. As far as I know, last night was their last night open...unfortunately, they have to close due to this sucky economy.

So I ended up taking more pics than I expected...and since I can be very indecisive, I'd like to show ALL the pics I took. There will probably be 3 parts to this because some of the ART was SO amazing. I will say whom the artist is of a piece if I know it, otherwise I won't because I simply don't know who made it. Hope you enjoy.~

Mark Ryden's The Angel of Meat. Definitely one of my fave pieces by him. And to see a Ryden piece up close & personal is a great feeling. (He's my fave artist...EVER. But I think most of you know that already.)

Tom Thewes...local Detroit artist...and I think he co-owns the gallery.

The whole wall in one room had all this "street-looking art." I thought my fellow blogging friend, Coco, would like this piece.

It's a.....DUNNY painting. But I don't know who it's by.

Yes, I was's the proof. I love this painting-so beautiful. There were WAY too many lights in that place (notice the glare)...think that made it SO freakin' hot everywhere. Especially on the top floor, where this painting was at. I didn't stay up there too long because it was 10 times hotter up there compared to the floors below.

Part II coming soon...

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Dreamwriter said...

Cool pics! How are ya?

Sullivan McPig said...

Very cool pictures! Love the Dunny painting!

Diane said...

jeeez-o-man to see those ryden pieces in person - lucky ducky.