Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Lil' of This & That and I got BUSTED for...

...looking at porn at work.
So, do you believe me?
I hope not cuz I was just teasing. ;}

But I did get busted this morning on my way to work by a police officer. You can see his car in my looking-glass (mirror) as he's writing my ticket. You know how you turn out of somewhere (anywhere) and sometimes there's another turn-around right in front of you...but there's a sign that says something like Right Turn Only?
Well I went straight across the street...I have a bad habit of that simply because I'm lazy. So I got busted...darn, and I was having a good morning at home...& this happens right before work!

I think the officer said 'disobey(ed)' like 3 times...ugh! I'm not that bad...but now I know I can't be lazy any more and must turn right ONLY. :)

What lies below is some other stuff...
that's been going on in my life lately.

Darn these for not working today!
They are Asian good luck charms that I got from the Asian store...
right before it closed.
Aren't they sweet looking?
I only have one hanging up right now...
maybe I need to hang 'em all up.

My good friend Jennylee and I went out to a cool new sushi place the other day (well new to me) and I loved it there. I felt like I was in Japan for the hour...hour & a half we were there.

The people were very VERY friendly and the food was awesome-both in taste and how it looks. Jenny took the above pic of our food before we ate...

Sorry yours was SO spicy, Jenny. :(

I ordered some sushi called 'Christmas.'
Yes, I'm serious it was really called that.
See the red sparkles...pretty, hm?
They are actually fish eggs BUT you can't taste 'em.
Very lovely and yummy!

After sushi, we each had a shot of Absinthe at her home.
Both of us were Absinthe-virgins before Monday night.
Smells and tastes like black licorice.
Makes you a lil' woozy about a half hour after drinking it...
but not too if you had some Nyquil.

Thanks Jenny & (your) Mike for letting me have a bottle...
no, it wasn't was an empty one...
but that's cool because it was a sweet bottle
(as you can see above).

Got Tori's new CD today...
since I ordered it off of Amazon.
It's pretty good.
My fave song so far is 'That Guy.'
Awesome packaging...
and I'm excited to see the videos...
which came with the deluxe version.

Work was good today.
There was a full-time meeting all day...
and I'm not full-time...
so we didn't have any supervision,
woo hoo!

So we got a lot of the leftovers from their meeting.
Oh my, I had a sandwich, fruit...
(love the strawberry above & how it's cut)...
and wayyy tooo many pastries.
But they rarely have that BIG of a meeting,
so it was ok to pig out a bit.

Have you met my future husband, Ryan, yet?
Well, I haven't either BUT his show,
Paranormal State,
had it's finale on Monday night.
It was really great.
Dracenea says so too! :}

A lot of my shows are ending for the season....
but a couple are also starting up.
Like new Intervention episodes,
as well as a brand new show on A & E called...
It's about peeps with OCD.
Should be interesting.

Oh, and here's a shout out (to myself!)...
Please visit my other blog...
For the Love of Goth...
(link to it above).
Because if you can guess close...
to how many buttons are in this drawer,
you could win a nice little prize pack.
I need some more guesses so I'm plugging it here. :)

I'm anxiously awaiting the above print by...
Jasmine Becket-Griffith.
It's Alice & Lewis Carroll...
(author of the 2 Alice books).
Jasmine is going to personalize the back for me.
It was my first purchase off Etsy.
And it didn't cost more for it to be personalized.
What a deal-only 13.99 for an 8 x 10 print...
shipping was about 4 bucks.
Yay! So cool. I'll post it once it arrives.

Got this cool (childrens) goth book for cheap at Borders.
Think I'll include it in an upcoming giveaway on...
my other blog because they were BOGO free.

I'm getting my hair dyed THIS color tomorrow...
Doesn't this girl have an awesome cut & color?
I know the cut wouldn't look right on me...
but I love the color.
I was SOLD by this pretty girls' face & hair,
I must admit.

OH & THIS POST is...
my 300th post on here.
what the heck did I write about...
for the past 6 months!??

~Hope you all have a good one!!!~

6 Curious people had this to say...:

Diane said...

happy 300th post. even though... i am very disappointed in you for being so disobedient!! (lol)

i always cut strawberries like that in a "fan" to top off deserts. it looks to pretty!

that plate of sushi looks so pretty! too bad i wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole that someone ELSE is holding. cuz... i'm the antithesis of adventurous when it comes to food...

Eve Noir said...

Diane- There you are! Haven't heard from you in a bit. :( Was wondering about ya. Thank you! :}

Yes, it's ok, I broke the law, you can call me that!

Yes, it was very beautiful (sushi). Some people had really REALLY awesome looking sushi dinners that had dragons & all this cool stuff incorporate into 'em.

You might like it more than you think. I was a bit hesitant but what I get doesn't have a lot of raw (anything) it doesn't have that fishy taste or smell.

C'mon be adventurous! I know you'll be ok. ^_^

Boyd said...

Those pins look cool... my guess is 42. Can't go wrong with the answer to life, the universe, an everything!

Anonymous said...

300. Whoot whoot. Have I told you how awesome your little music player is? :)

I got busted a few weeks ago for crossing three lanes of traffic without a turn signal. There was NO ONE there. Laziness.

I'll have to check out that show you mentioned.

Eve Noir said...

Boyd- Thanks for guessing! Results will be announced Saturday on my other blog.

Irish- Thanks! ^_^

Dracenea said...

C'mon Eve, ya' gotta' read the signs! Maybe you should hang the good luck charm in your car! Just teasin' ya'. :)

Ugh...I don't think I can do sushi. I hate fish! Well, not them personally, you know. hee hee

I'll have to check out Tori's new CD. Love her!

Ooh I can't wait for Obsessed either. I have OCD but it's not as bad as those people!

Cool gothy book!

300th post? Good lord woman! I'm almost to 100 and I've been blogging just as long. Guess I better catch up!