Friday, May 22, 2009

Target...and W's Random Finds

Hey all. Happy Friday to you! What a long week.
(BIG Sigh)
So glad the holiday weekend is here.
Just gotta go to work for a lil' while today...
and then no work til Tuesday, yay!
So I've been feeling very random lately.
Can ONE feel random, though?
Anyhow, can you see my randomness...
with my posts?
Sorry I guess I'm just likin' my random pics stuff...
for the time being.

Sooo, I went to the above recently...
yes Target, my home away from home.
And I found some of the stuff below.
Just 'window shopping'...

I want THIS!
Cuz I love Day of the Dead skulls.
But I'm cheap (& poor) :)...
and won't pay 16.99 for it...yet.

Those Kaboodles are still there.
The all black lace one is HUGE. Didn't see that one before.
I think it was around 25 bucks. And the purple was 16.99.
I like the purple one more.

Lookie, it's silver & gold piggy banks.
Aren't they cute? They are very shiny.
They were in the 'graduate gifts' area.
Cuz you gotta start saving once you get outta high school!!!
Save (atleast some) of your money from your parties, peeps.
Trust me, it'll help.

I love this picture.
I love all types of nature pics but especially trees...
and especially black & white.
It was marked down to $90-what!??
That's still pricey for me. But it is pretty big.

OK, don't hate me Wal-Mart haters! But I do go there every once in a while. And they have some good deals (of course) and some interesting findings at times. So it's OK to window shop won't be supporting Wal-Mart.
It's more like you're supporting me & my randomness!

I don't remember there being any pinatas...
when I graduated from high school back in...1997.
I would've liked one...
filled with dollar bills, at my party.
That would've been fun!

Some unique findings of names/pictures of/on wines...

probably my fave looking bottle.

what in the world is a gnarly head?!! or beer...or the wine coolers perhaps.
Can't remember but they looked like wine coolers, anyways...
why is this little man on it?
He looks digitally/computer altered, ya think?
It's kinda creepy...unless...well...
no, it's creepy!

This is OBEY art. I'll be talking about it below in just a moment.
obey Pictures, Images and Photos

Prepare for a bit of a rant & rave.
While window shopping by the purses/bags. All these Ed Hardy-looking purses/bags were marked down CHEAP. I like some Ed Hardy...the skulls of course. But I think it's becoming a bit ridiculous because it just looks like tattoo work...imo. And I just ain't digging it too much. And I'd NEVER pay that much for a shirt or shoes with his work on it.

I've only crossed that line with art & shirts/bags/stickers with OBEY. I like his (Shepard Fairey's) work A LOT. So I will buy a shirt (which is a bit pricey) BUT only once in a while.
I think it's worth it.

So hm, I guess it just depends on what the individual will pay. And I (Miss Eve Noir) don't buy it for fashion...psst, fashion smashion! I actually really really REALLY love the artist & artwork. And want to support him so he can keep making sweet stuff.
Maybe one day I'll get a print,
that'd be cooler than a shirt any day of the week!
But in the meantime,
I'll be happy with my 3 OBEY shirts,
some buttons, and bunch of stickers.

So, hmm...curious why these knock-offs won't sell,
even for dirt cheap (2-3 dollars each)!??
Maybe Ed Hardy is losing his edge...
or do peeps just not wanna buy a knock off?
I mean it is from the W afterall. ;}

Sorry I don't have a pic of the Ed Hardy-looking stuff.
But if you go to W, you can see what I'm talking about.

7 Curious people had this to say...:

Jennylee said...

I use to have a raven wine bottle like that

Sullivan McPig said...

Riesling is white wine and quite tasty if I remember correctly..
And cool piggies!

Coco said...

Nice stuff! I really like the day of the dead skull, the blank-n-white photo-poster and the witches brew. But they're all quite pricey.
What is the thing with the skull? A sticker? Can't figure it out...
Have fun with finding stuff!

Demented Wench said...

Yay Target! :)

Eve Noir said...

Coco- What do you mean about the skull? Didn't quite understand what you meant when you said sticker...

Jenny- Yeah, maybe I saw yours before. Hm, hm, and hmmm....

Sullivan- Thought you'd like the pigs!

Diane said...

i love looking at wine bottles. believe it or not, meijer (at least the one around here) has a crazy huge selection. i don't drink it though. if i really wanted a bottle i'm sure it wouldnt take much convincing for me to get rik to drink it.

i'm glad i didnt have to look at any ed hardy stuff. lol. he's played out, that's what it is. there's a fine line when it comes to going 'mainstream' i think. if too many ppl jump on it it just gets old.

i swear to god you are a shopaholic. even if it is window shopping!

Dracenea said...

Neat pics!

The Witches Brew beverage is local, right?