Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Mighty Boosh clip w/Rich Fulcher

I was trying to find a clip of Vince and this guy (he's in the window, his name on the show is Mr. Fossil) to show Frog Queen yesterday but I couldn't find any. So I found this clip of Howard and him today-which they are both hilarious in. Also, on a different season he plays Lester Corncrake (and isn't that name silly enough to make you want to see this crazy character!??). And after watching many episodes from both seasons, I've realized that he, Rich Fulcher, is my favorite actor/comedian on The Mighty Boosh. He's so ridiculous, I LOVE it. Please enjoy the clip...and if I find one of him as Lester, I'll post that too! Just a lil' FYI. Take care.~

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