Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Cellphone Pics: Part 4 of Lots o' Random Stuff

Here's some more Random Cellphone Pics.
Hope you enjoy!~

Mike made these of us a while ago. He just recently found 'em & now they're on display on our computer desk. Funny, back then I didn't have bangs or wear my hair pulled back-and now I do both! Funny. I like how my hair is nice & RED!!! Oh & I'm wearing a PIL's the band Johnny Rotten started after the Sex Pistols. They are really really GREAT!

Why do people abuse nature like this?
This tree is near my house & I just look at it and feel so sad.
And there's even more signs on the back. WTH!??

Cute...but ALL NATURAL sprinkles!??
Wonder what those would taste like?....

Ugli fruit. And it is UGLY.
Again, wonder what it tastes like....

Well, should I?
And should I do it before or after reading it?

Love this quote. He has some of the best quotes EVER.
But this is very true...and is one of my faves.

These look cool & smell nice. @ TARGET!
I want the watermelon one. Love how the top looks like that!

These are sweeeeet shoes.
But I don't do heels (I'm a clutz!).
But if I did, I'd get these pretty ones.

I always think of my blogging bud, Sullivan, when at stores like this (Dollar Tree)...
and you guys know I HEART pigs too.
Aww, he has a soft belly.
I didn't open the book but I bet it's pretty funny & interesting.

The piggy on the left looks sad, awww.
And what is that one doing?
I think he's sniffing the nice air.

EWWWW....who would eat these?
It's just...NASTY.
And don't forget that they're PLUMP & RIPE too!
The things people make, so bizarre!!!

I mean how can you NOT appreciate a place (Dollar Tree) that has GROW CREATURES as the featured item of the week!!!?
Dollar Tree you are my kinda store, you silly place!

This CONCLUDES part 4.
There may be a part 5...not sure yet. I gotta see how many I have left.
And of course there will be more Random Cell Pics in the future.
This was a lil' series cuz I had A LOT in my phone...
which I'm sure you've noticed after 4 posts.

Take care & hope you have a good Thursday.~

7 Curious people had this to say...:

Cindy said...

Those zit poppers are pretty gross...and all natural sprinkles? That's something new for sure! :)

cindy said...

and I totally forgot to comment on your lego figures! They are awesome! I think it would be the best if someone made lego figures that looked like them and used them as cake toppers or something...

Eve Noir said...

CINDY- Yeah that would be a cool idea to use as cake toppers! I don't plan to get married but if I ever did, I'll keep that in mind.

Also I'm a fan of LDD (living dead dolls) and they made mini figures in the past. And one was a bride & groom set called Died & Doom-I thought using 'em would be a cute/creepy idea. And then I met someone who actually used 'em on their wedding cake-too funny!

Take care~

Mejis said...

I think a lot of people don't see trees as living things and that'w why they do things like that to them.
My mom always made me eat all natural foods when I was younger so I'm pretty sure those sprinkles aren't as good as the junk food variety. lol

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks for the piggy pictures, they're cool!
And the star wars figures are also really cool!

Demented Wench said...

I love that pig with his snout in the air.

Anonymous said...

liking the legos and those shoes are pretty pretty.