Thursday, June 4, 2009

ART: Progress, In Progress, & Things to come (Part 1)

DIANE, you're right! I'm bad!!!
I can't stay away for long 'cuz I love you guys...
and I love Blogger TOO much! :)
Ahh, the addiction! >_<
OK, here's some of my work.
Weird because I feel like I've done more... which could be true.
See, I'm working in a very chaotic area in my ART SPACE right now.
I'm in the process of getting storage (drawers, boxes, etc...)...
so I can find things, put things away & KNOW where the heck they're at.
Yeah, what kind of artist am I?...
to not have storage...??!...
well atleast storage that doesn't include tons of plastic & paper bags!

This is some of my art SO FAR...


Wall clock,
red acyrlic paint, white glitter, scrap glitter pieces,
2 fake jewels, and glitter over the 6 and 13

The glue dripping down from the top (fake jewel) was an accident...
but as DIANE told me,
there's no accidents in art!
It needed that extra something something. ;}

Pill Face
Looked slightly different before...
(Was a work-in-progress...
or a work-not-very-happy-with)...
I added blue metallic paint to make it...

Small boxes I've been working on.
Be kind w/your comments,
this is BIG experimentation. :)

I've never used boxes before...
and I'm doubting I'd sell the smaller ones
(trial & error is telling me hm, don't think so)...
not very happy with those.

BUT the round one, which is a lil' bigger...
I'm fairly happy with.
Though I'd maybe like to add a pendant/jewel to the top.

Round box:
top (red glitter) and inside (blue)

Round box

Small Gray Box

Small Gray Box

Hand Mirror & Compact Mirror


Another small of it.
The beige is paint actually and...
not the wood...

ERRgh...! Is that a word (?!!)
VERY unhappy with this one,
above everything else...
at the moment.

But I think I'm going to keep working with it...
even if I don't sell it...
just 'cuz it's bugging me.

Front & Bottom of the above small box

In Progress:
Alice in Wonderland & Poe collage

I will be doing something with these pieces of wood soon...
& Heck YES,
that is a mirror!

Will be using the clock...
and long (painted metallic green) canvas soon
Hm about the mermaid...I chopped off all her hair though!

LAST but not least.
I bought this piece of sweet looking canvas a while back.

Never knew what to do with it...
but now that Eve's Wonderland
(my very possible name for my Etsy shop),
is right around the corner,
I think I can come up with something.

MORE things to come as go along.

Thanks for taking a sneak peek.
This concludes PART 1.


9 Curious people had this to say...:

cindy said...

i'm really digging that poe/alice in wonderland collage. :D

Eve Noir said...

CINDY- Thanks. The POE stuff is from the US stamp magazine the PO ships after you buy something thru 'em. I collect stamps...some stamps...some times. I know I'm a geek!

Diane said...

i knew you couldnt stay away! :)

and yes, there are NO mistakes in art. EVER.

your doing great work! trial and error is just part of the process. keep it up!

and, as i just told you on your other blog, my studio space is a wreck too!!! and rik keeps offering to buy my storage drawers and whotnot. lol especially since we've started talking about living together in the future, i think he wants me to get it cleaned up! hahaha!

keep up the awesome work!!!!!!!

Sullivan McPig said...

I love the little grey box, it looks very pretty! You're on a roll.

Anonymous said...

interesting art you have got there. i like how you are using things that people can use so it serves two purposes :) i can't wait to see what you do with the mirror though!!! keep us posted


Eve Noir said...

DIANE- Thanks. Yeah, Mike came into my art area after I made the clock & he said "Is it supposed to look like that?" I looked at it and said NO...but then thought hm, it looks so much better that way!

I've had many accidental pieces...funny how they turn out. :)

Eve Noir said...

SULLIVAN- Thanks! That's a trial-n-error box. As they all were my first time painting boxes. I didn't think I liked it too much at first, but the more I look at it, the more I think I DO like it afterall.

Eve Noir said...

ROXY- Thanks. Yeah, I didn't really think of it too much-that they can use it for 'something' also. Hm, don't think the clock works-I've been meaning to put a battery in it. Don't think I'd want it to work anyways-since I want it @ 6:13 at all times. ;}

Yes, the mirror was one of the first things I got while looking for new STUFF to work on. But of course I HAD to get it! I have some ideas..actually too many for that project. But I will make sure to keep you posted!

Dracenea said...

Thanks for giving us a sneak peek!