Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Working on art....May be MIA for a bit....just maybe

Hi friends. As some of you know, I'm really considering opening an Etsy shop. So I've been busy working on stuff because I really don't have too many NEW pieces if I were to open this shop...meaning: anything I've made from the past two years. I've noticed I don't really have as much as I thought. :( And what I do have I either don't want to sell 'cause I don't like the pieces or I'm too attached to some pieces at this point.

So I've been going to stores and getting ideas (for paintings and random mixed media things-and also I've been getting some things I've never tried making before too, like small wood boxes & wood frames-I'm gonna make ya wait to see what I did to them-some good, some not-so-good imo). Then I come home, go to my ArtSpace, & try to put the ideas into reality. So far I'm mainly doing trial & error stuff because I'm finding out I'm not good at some things. And then other things I'm pretty OK with. So it's all in the process right??!!??

My main goal is to get a decent amount of art pieces done...and then to choose (if there's a lot to choose from) what I'll put up in the store first. That is my BIG goal. (And I've been reading into Etsy a lot lately & its policies/etc.... so I'm not too surprised or worried about certain things. And I've also been reading about stuff so I can kinda get a feel for how to make a decent profit, how to advertise properly, etc... I want to find out as much as possible before just jumping in.) Etsy suggests not to just open a shop on a whim, and that it's a real business & I strongly agree!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to call my Etsy shop Eve's Wonderland (with maybe a subtitle of either "curious art for curious people" or "curious art for curiouser people"-that is still up in the air but the Wonderland part will probably stay).

Well, I do have more art but I don't have instant access to it right now...and if I did I don't know if I'd want to anyhow. (Out with the old, in with the new, right?) I first starting to paint in 1999 and took many breaks since then. Never making any money off it (except for one art show)...and right now I STILL have most of my art at my parents' house (in a storage area in my old bedroom's closet, which my dad boarded I'd need to him to take off all these wood pieces to get back there). So that kinda sucks. One day, one day...

And when I moved in HERE (my boyfriend's house), it took me a while to do any type of art. I don't know why I didn't get on things asap. But I had to clear out an area in the basement first because there was room down there. It was just a matter of clearing the OLD stuff out of the way. We moved in after his grandfather passed away & lots of cleaning/organizing/throwing out things had to be done since his mother didn't seem like she wanted to clean it out. That was very odd...our garage is STILL a disaster because the granpa left it in a crazy mess. OK, back to the art and things about blogging...

So I may not be on here TOO TOO much because I've been working pretty consistently for the last couple of weeks...and then more so in the last week. That might mean I may not get to read all of the blog posts of people I follow either. I'm sorry in advance if you don't hear from me. But I will TRY my bestest to be on here when I can...but hey, I have a good reason to be MIA right?!?

Oh & another thing. I took the LOGO or banner, which I posted on the side of my page "Blogging Without Obligation" because I feel the same way this girl does about blogging. As I'm sure some of you do. Please click on the link to the side of my page if you'd like to know what it means...and to grab a banner if you agree too!

I hope you all are doing well and I'll try to keep you updated but please remember I do believe in blogging without obligation...and I don't think anyone should feel like their blog is WORK, ya know?!? But my art is kinda my work right now, so I must get to it so I can maybe get my name & art out in the world...finally!

OK, I'll put the info HERE for you to check out if you don't wanna look to the side of my page. Adios for now friends.~

Oh & here's a Marilyn Manson song I really like from his new album. It's pretty rockin' even if the "S" word is in the title & said quite often through the song...

6 Curious people had this to say...:

Diane said...

i cant wait to see what you've been/are working on!

and i like the name you settled on for your shop! i like the 2nd tag line - curious art for curiouser people!

Eve Noir said...

Thanks DIANE! (Um, don't get your hopes up TOO high cuz I'm experimenting a lot!)

Cool...I'll have to take you liking that one into consideration. :)

The Frog Queen said...

Oh goody! I love handmade art!!! I can hardly wait to see what creative pieces you come up with :)


Eve Noir said...

Thanks FROG QUEEN! I hope you like what I've been working on. ^_^

Dracenea said...

When I sent you the Blogging Without Obligation link, I thought you would be interested. :)

Good luck with your art!

Eve Noir said...

DRACENEA- Yes, I was...thanks! :) I really like what it means.

Thanks & good luck right back at ya!