Saturday, June 20, 2009

Arts & Crafts: BIG sales and Deals-woo hoo!

Hi friends. It's time for an AWESOME sales/deals post. Ever since last Sunday, JoAnn's and Michaels Craft stores have had quite amazing sales going on. I'm talking REALLY REALLY great deals on many things...most of the sales being between 25-60% off certain supplies and crafts. And heck yes, I found that 60% off & it was something(s) I needed/used so I had to give in...several times.

So here's pics of one day of shopping at JOANN's (I might do a Michaels post, not sure yet). At the very bottom, you'll see how much I saved and I thought I did quite a good job if I don't say so myself. ;} OK, here's my stuff...oh, and yes, all this stuff will be put to good use so it wasn't just random finds.

Everything you will see below was on SALE, yay!!! OK, here ya go...

In this pic I got scrapbook paper (6 sheets for .96 cents), pack of hard canvas (3 pieces for 4.99) 2 sets of cardstock paper-for my collages (2.49 a pack), and 8.5 x 11 frames (2.39 each)-the frames were the 60% items I found. BIG SCORE!!! Hm...IDK what else in the store was 60% off & I searched it pretty good. Hmm...but it must not have been something I used (like fabric, stuff like that, cuz I didn't check out those areas much).

Stickers and epoxy stickers were all 40% off. And those epoxy stick ons/stickers can be pricey so I stocked up. I will use those on whatever they'll stick to-boxes, frames, collages, and probably some canvas too.

Clear stamps, acrylic block, an "A"-hm, you know what I'm gonna use that for right? Also to the right, necklaces with clasps you can put on (25% off) as well as a needlenose pliers (I think they're called that)...I need those for the necklaces. Because I've been making necklaces lately (for myself so far)...think the NNP were 25-30% off. Sweet!

OK, I lied this was the ONLY thing regular price (well, actually those stamps & acrylic block weren't on sale but for only $1 each, that's a score in itself!). It's Square Mirror pieces. 25 pieces for only 1.99, pretty good deal. And it keeps me away from the hammer when I break mirrors for some of my pieces. :)

So here's the damage, I mean SCORE! ;} I spent 47 bucks...but I SAVED almost 30.00 dollars. Pretty good, ya think? It helps when almost everyTHING is marked down by atleast 25%. I'm not going back to JOANN's today (today is the last day of both sales)...but I MAY go to Michaels...and that's only if I can find my two 50% off one item coupons from the Sunday paper. But maybe those went 'missing' for a good reason.
Take care & chat with you later.~

4 Curious people had this to say...:

Anonymous said...

ohhhh picture frames, i could use some of those. great finds as always.


cindy said...

those are some pretty sweet deals! i love good deals, especially when it comes to craft materials. :)

The Queen of Clearance said...

great deals! I went there and almost bought the card stock packs for 2/$5 but I am poor until the first of the month! So I am jealous that you got to buy them! Great deals tho!

Eve Noir said...

Queen- Thanks! Yeah, I went one too many times & now I'm paying for it (but I have enough to last a long long time is the way I see it...but I'll be sad of course that I won't get to shop TOO much for a while).

I also went to a Victoria's Secret that opened in our local mall & all the body stuff was 75% so I stocked up (a week or two back).

And I got some GREAT deals from Meijer too. All are going to be posts to come. I'm going to try doing ONE BIG SCORE each week. I'll see how it goes.

OH & about the card stock. I went back a couple days after I bought the colors I did & saw even MORE colors & was tempted...but I passed.

(Hmm...if it gets to the point where I think I have TOO much, cuz my art room is pretty packed...I may do a giveaway w/some craft items. Maybe...and you're the first to ssshhhh.)

Take care & happy bargaining when you get to do it again!