Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Brush it up, rip it down, expensive glorified wallpaper..."

Mike and I recently bought a 3 song EP off I-tunes. And I am really loving this song by CHICKS ON SPEED. (The other 2 songs are remixes.) They know A LOT about lots of things...but the 3 main things they seem to write/sing about is: ART, our CULTURE in general (and how crazy it can be), and well, being a girl cuz it's an ALL GIRL BAND. Hm...I'd give my left ear to see 'em live. Yes, just like Van Gogh! ;}

Please enjoy "Art Rules." I posted the lyrics because they are...AWESOME...and the song is too of course! (I guess I'm beginning to see art a lil' differently since opening an ETSY shop but I have kinda always felt this way about ART in general) ...I mean really "Where are ALL the women?" Oh, "Underneath the men." So very very true! Hope this entertains you!~


Brush it up...

I'll start a recipe...
It's two cups of gelitin,
mix it well, stir a concept,
technology as well.

Whip in some finance
a pinch of cocaine,
add a harmless scandal,
a media plan
all cooked up by a right hand man
- right hand man.

Andy Warhol, Valie Export,
what is juxtaposition?
Art is a playground
for people who have everything.

The rich will always be with us,
Art Basel, Miami,
the Venice Biennale
more controlled than lottery

Always modern, who's on top,
the artists or the dealers?
Where are all the women,
they are underneath the men.

Invest in a collection
or buy credibility.
Who cares about the content,
just match the tapestry.

Brush it up, rip it down,
expensive glorified wallpaper,
Brush it up, rip it down,
art's the rule, cash the tool! */

Are you a nobody,
who'd die and get famous,
your own retrospective
at just 33!

What looks good today,
will it look good tomorrow?
Destroy your career
in one brush stroke,

Art in public spaces,
government founded crap,
the buro-arty-experts
their hands under the tap

Project one hit wonders
always in the front row.
It's Jeffrey Deitch,
that heat seeking missile.

/* CHORUS */

Joseph Beuys had no choice,
felt and fat on his hat
Lit up the art world
with this lemon light bulb.

Miss Tracey's gossip column
which handbag did you buy?
It's a game, lets have sex,
but you are too drunk again.

Charles Saatchis burning,
he's lost his edge on taste
He's so now and then,
he puts his art to waste.

Jake and Dinos Chapman,
they're selling masterpieces
Dog returns to vomit
now is this really art?

/* CHORUS */

4 Curious people had this to say...:

cindy said...

very cool!

The Frog Queen said...

Like the lyric. I will definately check it out. Thanks for sharing.


The Queen of Clearance said...

very cool indeed! I cant watch the video now because I am using a public computer but the lyrics are awesome and I will watch the video when I get home tonight!

Eve Noir said...

Thanks everyone!

QUEEN- Don't worry about actually 'watching' the's just that image (cover of the EP). But yes, LISTEN to it when you can! Take care.~