Sunday, June 14, 2009

FYI: A great sale for us artists & crafters

Hi everyone. About an hour ago, I went to get our dinner and I had 15 minutes to spare...and the closest thing around to the restaurant was a JOANN's (fabric and craft) store. So of course I had to take a stop in...since I've been gathering ideas and creating things for my soon-to-be Etsy Shop. But little did I know that quite a BIG & great sale is currently going on (from the 14th through the 20th). It's called the FIREFLY FRENZY SALE...and SO much is on sale. Please click HERE to see some of the stuff on sale on their website and in the store too.

My local JoAnn's is MASSIVE...but I think most are, right? So I kinda just ran around like a chicken with its head cut off after I kept seeing ALL these signs for certain things I wanted on sale. So the first thing I saw that I was like "MUST GET" was the scrapbook single sheets...they were 6 for .96 cents! Quite a wonderful deal considering they normally are .59 cents each (there's ones for .99 and higher but this sale applies only to the .59 cents ones, which is fine because there are still nice ones there).

Another thing I looked at (for my upcoming projects) were pendants. They were 25-30% off...certain ones though. Manor House pendants were included in this sale, as well as Noir ones. I got several Manor House ones because again, What a DEAL! I wanted to look around more but I had to get our food before it got cold so I went up to the front....and waited...and waited...and line. Why does my JoAnn's always have just one cashier...and on a Sunday!?? WTH!?? I guess it helps that when the refunds/customer service girl isn't busy, she can help ring up peeps too. But God, I go in there knowing I will have to wait atleast 10 minutes in line-and that sucks!

So for all of you artists & crafters know that there IS an awesome sale going on at JOANN's...and check out their website to see more...or just stop on in one day this week. I haven't seen a sale like this at a craft store in forever so I will definitely be making a couple more stops there. (Oh, and I got some scrapbook sheets for only .10 cents each-on the clearance table. I thought someone just left 'em there but nope, just ones peeps didn't like-one had cute lil' drawn terrier doggies and the other was a very pretty flower image. I'll have to check out that table again when I stop back in.) If any of you ladies go, let me know what you got on sale, if you'd can post it on this blog entry. ^_^

Take care & enjoy the rest of your Sunday!~

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The Queen of Clearance said...

I got 10 cent scrapbook sheets on the clearance table too!!!! And if they are on sale for the 6 for .69 cent (or whatever it was) then I am headed there tomorrow after class! Thanks for the heads up! also I saw this and thought you might like it:

Eve Noir said...

QUEEN- Sweet! Great minds think alike. Ha ha. :) Cool, I hope you find some good deals. Many of my friends/followers are crafty/artsy types so I thought they'd love to know about this GREAT sale. And of course I love to share what I got too!

Thanks for the link. Ooo, those are really beautiful. Right now I'm actually working on some Alice pendants of my own. They look ok but definitely not as cool as those ones!

Take care.~

Diane said...

ugh of course they are having a mega sale when i'm totally broke! :(

sounds like some good deals.

i do always take advantage of their 40% off coupon and buy something expensive that i always use.

eve, i think you found your soulmate!

Eve Noir said...

DIANE- Awww, I'm sorry. Maybe you'll get a flood of peeps buying your stuff this week! (I'm hoping for you.)

Yes, I do the same thing-I use the 40% off coupon for something pricey & something I will put to good use.

Ha ha are too funny! ^_^

Anonymous said...

i love love love all crafty things but sadly have no clue whatsoever how to even begin to use them :( this one really makes me want to go out and buy lots of neat things i will never use....


Eve Noir said...

ROXY- You should join a class. I've been thinking about joining one since I really have no clue on the 'proper' way to make some things. One being FABRIC stuff-know nothing but would really like to learn! :)