Monday, June 29, 2009


...I will be posting some of my new ART pieces & my business card between today...and the next few days....well....let's just say the entire week in general.

I did some more art...2 boxes and one photo frame. YIKES, that's 3 more things in addition to my 3 other (USA/Independence Day) pieces. I've been a busy lil' beeeeeeee!!! I feel that I'm kinda late on the 4th of July stuff but it's America-themed...doesn't say FOURTH OF JULY/INDEPENDENCE DAY on 'em. And IDK if peeps would really be interested in USA/red-white-blue stuff (I mean c'mon look at the shape of the economy!??)...but's weird to say you HATE your country and be living in it, ya know?

There's no denying that I think about living in other places all the time (well, mainly to just get out of the black hole that is known as Michigan)...but would I REALLY like it there!?? (out of Michigan...out of the USA?!!)....Hmm...IDK until I tried it I suppose. I'm not very political but of course I have some views...I really don't like the idea of bringing 'em up on a blog-but that's just me. I WILL say this much (just because I KNOW lots of peeps feel the same way & cuz it's not TOO political)...I couldn't be happier that The W is out of office. Been waiting for that since....ohhh, the day he got in office. ;}

OK, I said that is all for now my friends.

Be chatting with you soon.~

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The Queen of Clearance said...

Im happy that the w is out of office as well! Have you sold anything on Etsy yet? Im thinking of opening a shop and Im worried nothing will sell and then I will be sad :(

cindy said...

I have thought about living other places but when it comes down to it, pretty much all of the US is the same. I would love to live in Europe, but my family keeps me here. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll be sure to check out your new pieces.
I lived in Germany for ten years. My mom lives there (she's German). It was ok, but I like the US better.

Eve Noir said...

Queen- Nope, not yet. :( But tis ok. Let us know when you open it. And try not to be too sad...:)

Cindy- I've only been overseas once & not for a long visit...I wouldn't even know the one of the better countries to live in. Yeah, all of my family is here too.

Mejis- Really, Germany? I'd like to visit there. USA was better hmmm? Maybe it's different over there now but IDK.

Thanks for the comments friends!