Sunday, June 28, 2009

Letter To Thomas Edison aka: Open Letter Day

Dear Thomas Edison-

Hello, my name is Eve. I have to say you are quite a genius. You see, just recently we lost power...for 2 days. But it felt like an ETERNITY. I really felt so appreciative of all that is ELECTRIC after this outage (felt like a week, not just 2 days!). And I thought of YOU and how if you were ALIVE that you should be the richest person to have EVER lived-even beating out Bill Gates! Seriously. I mean that man has NOTHING over you.

I think electricity is one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) invention EVER. For example(s), I have my computer running, I'm listening to I-tunes, have my fan going, and have a light on. Without you, none of these wonderful things would be possible. You really did SO much for our world!

Also, I used my MP3 player to get me by the past 2 days (and am lucky enough to have a CD player in my car too)...and WOW, that helped. I simply can't LIVE without my music and for that, I thank you again. MUSIC=LIFE for me...I listen to it non-stop...unless I'm sleeping, working (ugh, tis hard there!), or at an appointment (doctor, etc...). Did you enjoy music? Hm, I wonder what kind you liked.

I should REALLY try to make a piece of art about you...because I am so grateful to you. I couldn't really work on much of my art either with this current power outage. I use a glue gun quite often so that limited me. Plus I like to make art during the late night hours too and doing it by candlelight isn't really good because I really can't see what I'm doing...and candles get HOT and FAST...

...OH and did I mention that it's been SUPER HOT in Detroit until today? Yeah, so I didn't want to work on art without a fan...again, FANS are awesome & air conditioning rules too...see, how much you did!?! You created SOMETHING that other 'creators' definitely NEEDED your idea for. No electricity (aka: power)=no invention a lot of the times. Well, atleast in our modern times, which is year 2009...omy, almost 2010. Isn't it crazy? I expected to be driving a flying a car by this time. :) If feels so odd to say almost year 2010, (the more I think about it)...yikes!

So in conclusion, Mr. Edison, I thank you VERY much from the bottom of my little heart for your wonderful & very useful (to EVERYONE) invention. (Not to mention your very many other useful inventions!) I can only try to be like you in my life...a leader & not a follower and maybe, just maybe, I will live a very happy & content life. I hope you did...

RIP Mr. Edison.
Yours Truly, Miss Eve Noir

Please visit Jiggety Jigg to write your OWN letter (Open Letter Day) can be serious, silly, what have you...& it's lots of fun. Just give it a try...and scrap it if you don't like it but I think you will! Hm...I might do some more in the future, just a lil' FYI.

(And yeah, that basically sums up my power outage & views besides it looking like a wasteland around here. But I may do a picture BLACKOUT post soon. I did take pics-with & without candles-so I might want to post 'em eventually.)

So please check out Jiggety Jigg HERE to see the very flexible rules on how to write your own letter. I'm very curious to see what YOU would write about & to whom. ;}

Take care & have a good Sunday friends!

or so says of the coolest videos EVER!

5 Curious people had this to say...:

Cindy said...

this letter was awesome :)

truly, it is amazing how much we take for granted until it's gone, especially electricity. i mean, i can occupy myself for a little while with a book or something, but after that, i'm done! lol

sometimes i think we allow technology to rule our lives TOO much since it seems that if something goes down, nobody can do anything. if we lose power at my job, we just have to go home, plain and simple. but, overall, i'm very glad we have electricity and all that because i have become WAY too used to it!

Eve Noir said...

CINDY- Thanks. Yes, I know what you mean. Mike & I did the same thing-we could only do so much & then we're staring at the walls! (So off I went somewhere & off he went somewhere-we went to our parents' homes).

Yeah and if you've been so used to it, it feels ODD when it ALL gets taken away.

I just really WONDER what peeps did back in the days before electricity.

I go through 2 days without it (and I'm dying!)...but to live every single day without power-no heat (unless it's a fire), no TV/computer to occupy yourself, and no MUSIC. I just can't seem to imagine it!

Thanks so much for reading my letter and glad you liked it!

Mejis said...

I'll have to try this one.
The world could not function without electricity in this day and age.

Eve Noir said...

MEJIS- Yes, give it a try!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Electricity freakin' ROCKS!

Thanks for participating!!!!