Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pure Trance by Junko Mizuno

I want one (or two) of these new toys called PURE TRANCE by Junko Mizuno. I'm going to see if LIFT toystore (in Royal Oak, MI) has 'em in stock today. If so, I'm definitely heading out that way...and um, to get Mike a b-day gift (his b-day is next month) before it's gone. Wish me luck & enjoy your Wednesday. I gotta work later, bla. Take care.

Oh and to read/see some more about these awesome art toys please click
HERE. Oh & they are blind wish me even more luck. I love the 2 girl toys pictued above. They have monsters & animals too...but I like the sweet-looking girls the best. Adios.~

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Anonymous said...

OHHHHHHHHH!!! i want these!! thanks for the link!LOL can you tell i am excited!


Eve Noir said...

ROXY- You're very welcome. :) I just adore these. I picked up 2 today. They have quite interesting stories behind 'em. I guess they are based on graphic novels (in Japan I think) of the same name.

And each figure has a card telling their lil' story. I got a boy who smells like garbage (well, not literally)...and H#LL YES, I got the two girls holding the skull. I opened the boy first...:(...he's ok but I wanted one of the sweet girls. And then I was SO HAPPY that I got one of the ONES I that I REALLY REALLY wanted. Made my day.

If you get some, let me know which ones you get! OK!??
Take care.~

BTW: They are kinda pricey-9.95-but I think they are worth it. Not like how I was upset with the Tara McPherson toys. These ones are really lovely & they made me smile...^_^

Dracenea said...

Of course I want the kitty!

Damn those blind box sets!

Eve Noir said...

The kitty is cute...he was a hard one to get too! Very odd.

Anonymous said...

yeah junko is pretty popular, there is lots of art and colabs around :) but so far these really really caught my attention!!