Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Cellphone Pics: Part 1 of Lots o' Random Stuff

Hi curious friends. I had SOOO many cellphone pics that when I uploaded 'em, I was VERY overwhelmed. I mean I like to do cellphone pics posts (and I know a bunch of you peeps like these posts too) BUT I think I need to ease up because sometimes I feel like I could take a pic every few minutes when I'm out & about. So I'm a bit overwhelmed. And when I first typed in "overwhelmed" all these odd pics came up & I didn't like 'em. Soooo, when I typed in "overwhelmed with photos" into Google search (images), this cute lil' creature above popped up, awww. But of course I had to use his cute lil' image!

So I'm doing something (or attempting it atleast) that I normally haven't done before. And that is going from the bottom (most recent photos) to the top of ALL my cellphone pics AND in order too. Just because again, very overwhelming just to look at 'em & try to organize 'em a bit...which I usually try to do. OK, so here's some of the pics...OH and YES there will be more Randomness (cellphone picswise) posts to come just so I can get 'em the heck off my computer! Enjoy.~

The carnival is coming, the carnival is coming! Yay!!! I might try going tonight because they tend to open on Thursday nights and then run through the whole weekend. I'll see how my day goes though. But I'm excited to get some good shots for you all!

CORALINE merch FINALLY @ Hot Topic. But why so late? The DVD is right around the corner I think. I haven't seen the film (yes I'm bad BUT I read the book a while back), but this merch looks sweet. But tis know me, I'll wait for clearance.

Speaking of CLEARANCE, did you know Michaels (craft store) has a clearance section? I didn't until recently since I've been spending a lot of time there...browsing, visioning, and buying of course. They had some good stuff in clearance like stickers, glitter stuff, etc... Oh & they had some nice stampers...but they were still a bit pricey for me...only like one dollar cheaper than regular price.
It's gotta go much cheaper than that to be considered clearance to me!

This is the aisle I've been spending A LOT of time browsing around. It's the boxes and other wooden items. I found some really great looking boxes and I think I'm going to do BIGGER boxes since I'm not so great at the smaller ones. Plus there's so much more I can do with the BIGGER ones...anything from adding pendants, glitter, stickers, etc...

Hm...I don't know if it'll be my MAIN thing when I open an Etsy shop but it'll definitely be something I'll have a few of in the beginning. Well, really I don't want to have ONE main thing...I want to have a mix of everything on Etsy from paintings to boxes to mixed media stuff to collages. I'll see how it goes. I still feel that ETSY is still not right around the corner. Lots of preparing and then figuring out ETSY (like shipping, prices, what forms of payment to accept, etc...). I'll keep ya updated!

White Rabbit pendant to the left and a cool fox to the right. Do you like this kinda fox, Dracenea? Or where you just saying that about the Dunny kinda fox? I didn't buy either though...pendants=pricey!!!

Looking-Glass in...Michaels. But of course. It's actually in the restroom. Um, this is a bad thing to have in a craft store...cuz that means if I drink all my coffee & gotta pee, I don't have to run out of the store. And then I stay in there...4 EVER. I never even knew they had a restroom til that day either!

They sell some toys/kids stuff in Michaels, I don't really know why but anyhow...this is a cute Tech Deck set with my fave skater brand, Alien Workshop. Ooo, I wanted it but 12.99, yikes, that's a lot for 4 lil' skateboards. But look at the ALIENS!?? Ooo, they look sweet. Remember you can always CLICK on these pics to see the BIGGER view! OK!?!

This is a lil' area right out in the front of my work. We saw a bazillion squirrels yesterday and since it's been pretty slow at work, pretty much everyone working went out to feed the squirrels...something. I thought they'd like some pretzel sticks...and I thought they'd come closer but he didn't come THAT close. :( But it's o.k. he took my pretzel and ran up the tree. :)

I had to get a new watch cuz I misplaced my current/old one. What a wonderful deal I got on this from KOHL'S.
I love it for severeal reasons: first, THE FACE-it's sweet, I love how the numbers are like that. Second, the band, it's colorful & pretty.
And third, it's more like a bracelet than your typical just slip the band on your arm & you don't have to worry about putting it in the right hole to stay good on ya.
I can never get it set to the right spot cuz I have such small wrists. :(
Sooo, I HEART my new watch very much. :)
You like!??

OK, this concludes PART 1.
I know I have about...
3 or 4 soon-to-come-posts just on my cellphone pics.
Yes, I have SO many pictures that I'd like to share...
cuz again,
I didn't realize I had so many on my card...
& not saved on my computer yet,

Those will come soon...
as they are easy to post and I'm STILL really working on art.
I swear I am not just taking pics!!! ;}
Just ask DRACENEA @ Rabid Reflections,
(who will also be opening an Etsy, yay for her too!)...
cuz I've been working almost every day...
mainly trying to figure out things with art so I don't F*CK it up.
And bugging her in the process cuz...
I truly don't know how some glues & crap like that work on what I want to do.

THANKS SO MUCH again DRAC for all your help,
YOU are so kind to me...
you RULE!!!

I will be taking the CARNIVAL pics with my regular camera though. Cellphone camera won't work so great with those kinda pics, I'm thinking. And it'll be much easier for me too. Ooo, I hope it does open tonight cuz usually less peeps will be there. So I think it'll be easier to get some good shots. ^_^

Please enjoy your day everyone!
I will be heading to work in a lil' bit.
It's my last day and then begins my early-weekend, yay!!!
~~~Adios amigos~~~

6 Curious people had this to say...:

jaz said...

hey...nice blog! i'll have to check out the clearance section at michaels!

cindy said...

I have yet to see Coraline yet (or read it for that matter), but it is definitely on my to-do list.

I also take random pics of crap when I'm out (fake mustaches, yodelling pickles, obama paper cut-outs are on there now) and I really enjoyed yours!

Sullivan McPig said...

Ooh! The cute little hamster beastie is by Uruslav. She makes amazing artwork. You should check out her deviant art page:
There's also some really cool Cthulhu pics she made.
As for your pics: Love the fox and rabbit pendant thingies and th Coraline mechandise. all the other pics are cool too.

Eve Noir said...


Hi JAZ, thanks for stopping by.

CINDY- You should put some of your random pics up too. I've been doing Random Cell Pics for a lil' while now. I love it!!! Although is VERY addicting! ;}

SULLIVAN- Really? Cool! I'll have to check her out. I just really loved that pic!

Diane said...

a lot to talk about here! but you know, i am one of those who LOVE these posts you do!

first, i love that they didn't try to suffocate us with Coraline merch before the movie even came out. personally, i think they are trying to create a "cult following" by making the merch so scarce. which i enjoy much more than the mass hysteria some movies attempt to create - esp with the kids.

i was so lucky to pirate Coraline the other day and put it on my ipod! so now i think trinity and i have watched it a total of like 10 times so far! :)

also, i like your watch! i've never been a watch wearing person but my mom loves watches - collects them actually. we always buy her a watch for christmas or whatever.

i really like the white rabbit pendant. i think you should have sprung for it and got it for yourself!

Dracenea said...

Yep, I knew about the Michael's clearance section. Gotta' love good deals!

No, I'm not a fan of that fox, just the Dunny one.

How fun to feed the squirrels!

Cool watch! Hmm, I wonder. Will you not be so late anymore? :)

PS: You're welcome for the help.