Thursday, June 11, 2009

Remember how...

...I saw Fischerspooner recently? And they were SO freakin' awesome live?!! Well, Mike just told me today that they're gonna be on the channel, LOGO, at midnight this Sunday. (LOGO is primarily a 'gay' channel with some really really good stuff on it, including Rupaul's Drag Race-which I always wanted to post about but never did, darn!) And it looks like Casey Spooner (singer and one half of electronica performance art band Fischerspooner) will be chatting about "the business of art and the business of entertainment."

Well, that's what I saw from watching a short clip that was a bulletin on MySpace today. I'm gonna assume he'll be talking about other stuff as well but I can't really tell from the, again, very short clip. AND they will be broadcasting their sweet video for "We Are Electric" then as well. So if you can, watch it, cuz they rule! This is what their bulletin says: FS are hosting NewNowNext on LOGO this coming Sunday the 14th with a rebroadcast of the video for "We Are Electric."

But since the video is so sweet (and yes CASEY was wearing THAT outfit at the show-amazing!)....I'd like to post it here anyways. ;} Enjoy!~

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