Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Cellphone Pics: Part 2 of Lots o' Random Stuff

Do you see Spock alllll the wayyy in the back?
I think he's kinda funny looking. In a cute but lil' creepy way.

@ 7-11. It scares me that people drink this much soda/pop at a time. It's like a whole 2 Liter for goodness sakes!

This is my new place...this particular location. As for stores in general, first there's Target, then there's the craft stores, and then there's the Dollar Tree...not any ol' Dollar store...THE DOLLAR TREE, only. Keep that in mind. Don't really care for any other Dollar stores too much.

Here I can get art supplies (yes but I won't tell you which ones...tis my secret), candy, knick knack stuff, birthday cards & bags, and OH so much more. And this is a newly opened one so it's clean, has a ton of NEW-ish stuff, and it's open til 10 PM, woo hooo!

MEIJER pics: I didn't know there was dark-ish green cauliflower...OR purple too. I don't think I could eat the purple...Hm, but maybe...if it's really good!

Oooo Antonio (Banderas), I wonder what you smell like?

Oh, OK, I guess I can smell your scent a lil' here.
Oooo, you smell so sexy. ;}

Talking about's the SEXIEST FANTASIES sprays @ Meijer. I mean you always have to smell your sexiest, right?

I guess I found a lot of SEX-y stuff.
Ok, what the hell is sexting? Sounds crazy.
I <3 U. I want to C U 2 night...cuz yr bod is 2 sexy.
Did that sound sexy? ^_^

That's my car at Meijer. Notice anything odd? Well, I didn't realize that I was parked in what seems to be a space big enough for a bus! (Someone was parked next to me when I parked so I didn't have a clue it was a spot for...something else.) I mean if that's the spaces they give to BIG cars, that's not very fair-look how close they are to the FRONT of the store! No fair people!

A light up Pumpkin that was left in the basement since we moved in. I think he makes a nice addition to my ART AREA in the basement.

Back to Meijer...cuz it's very close to my house & that's where I grocery shop...and browse too. I love that lamp to the right. But still not cheap enough for me, it's 22.50. Very cool though. Maybe I'll have to see if it gets marked down more over the next few weeks.

OWLS seem to be the popular thing for people graduating this year.
Awww, I want this one. He looks like the Tootsie Pop owl. And he's so round and cute...and he's smart too with his lil' glasses.

This concludes Part 2.

BTW: I wasn't able to go to the carnival last night.
It was raining off & on...and I already heard they didn't open at noon because of the rain.
So I didn't even bother trying later in the night. Plus I was was a long week.
Cuz yesterday afternoon was the end of my work week.
So I have to admit I took a lil' snooze too...which made me not want to go out & take pics after I woke. IF it was open anyways. I might try tonight or tomorrow. I'll see how it goes.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!!!

10 Curious people had this to say...:

Diane said...

hahaha your "sex"t made me laugh!

that owl DOES look like the tootsie roll owl! i remember those commercials from when i was little.

dollar tree really is the best $1 store around, i agree. i have a fave dollar tree too. some carry all the same stuff. but the one i like to go to has unique things.

shop on! lol

Eve Noir said...


Yes, I think they're trying to make some $$$ off that cute lil' owl's look!

YES for DOLLAR TREE. The one closest to my house USED to be my fave but this BIGGER & NEWER one has...SO MUCH & again, being open later helps...atleast for peeps like me who like to NOT be around crowds.

Yes, I will continue to shop...or window 'shop' on. ^_^

Sullivan McPig said...

The first pic is great! I also love the sexiest fantasy bottles, they're very pretty.
I love all the random pics btw, cool to see the stuff you encounter.

Mejis said...

I used to work at a Dollar Tree in SC a few years ago. I spent a lot of my paychecks there. lol Sad but true.
Be sure you pick up your award on my sight!

Shawna said...

The owl is cute. The purple cauliflower is just plain weird!!

Shawna's Study Abroad

Eve Noir said...


Mejis- Wow, a Dollar Store is in SC? Didn't know it was a big chain. Yes, I would prob spend half my check there's not SAD, they have AWESOME stuff!

Oh, thanks for the award so much. I just checked your page & it totally made my day! ^_^

Dracenea said...

From what I've heard, the colored cauliflower just looks different...the taste is the same. You should have bought some to test it out!

cindy said...

i'm really digging that spock doll. lol. that's just weird as hell.

and i lOVE the owl. I actually have a bag with little owls that look just like him :)

Demented Wench said...

There's always one Dollar store that rocks while the others suck. I think it's a law of the universe.

I wonder if I could get my nieces to eat the purple cauliflower...

ashley, :) said...

I should totally try that purple cauliflower. (: hehe

Dollar Tree is amazing. Ahaa.

I likee urr random cell pics too [: