Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday Thunks: The Worst Thursday Ever!

Thursday Thunks: The Worst Thursday EVER!

1. Are your ears dirty?
No, they are clean...dirty ears are gross!

2. Would you rather be stung by a scorpion or bit by a snake? (Don't say one wants to be in pain, that's the point. Pick one.)
Ahhh, both sound awful but I'd say scorpion because snakes scare the crap outta me!

3. Do loud noises make you snappish? (i.e. A loud restaurant, screaming child next to you, booming stereo from a neighbor's house?)
I can't stand screaming drives me mad!

4. PETA- thoughts on this org.?
I donated $5 once and kept getting free address labels for a while.

5. Would you rather be the discoverer of the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot? (Imagination!)
Oooo, definitely the Loch Ness. Has there ever been an actual pic of what it might look like? (And not the picture used here, which I think the whole world has seen.)

6. When in a public toilet and it's not flushed: do you flush & use or move on to a clean one?
I don't get it why people go to another stall...I just flush it...unless it' know. (Ugh, then I'm outta there!)

7. Neighbors are having a noisy, party bonfire, what do you do?
Um...nothing unless it gets REALLY REALLY late in the night, then I'd probably go over there and say something.

8. Do you play Monopoly? If so which version of the game?
There's different versions? Like Jr. Monopoly...or do you mean all the themed ones? Um...(trying to think)...we bought a lot of those over the years...I know we have a million Star Wars ones, those are fun. Oh there's a Dungeons & Dragons ones & for some reason I like that one a lot! ~Yeah I'm a geek...but I don't know a thing about D & D, seriously!

9. Are you a remote hog?
No...I'm a good Piggy!

10. Do you like the smell of paint?
It's better than the smell of gasoline.

11. My questions obviously suck this week. {I've had a bad week.}

So do you think Kimber should have...

And Kimber is...

~smoked pot before doing these questions?


~drank liquid courage?
Heck yeah!

~begged Berleen to do them (she's better at them anyhow)?

~just piss off! I could have done better!
Maybe I could've done it better but it was alright. ;}

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5 Curious people had this to say...:

Valerie said...

Kimber is - lol!! #5 I agree with another participant that it looks like an arm.

Enjoyed your answers!

Mejis said...

I think at one point they thought they found the remains of a Loch Ness monster but they couldn't tell for sure exactly what it was.
I have Lord of the Rings Monopoly. lol

Lani said...

#6...I almost gag just thinking about it! LOL
Good answers!

Eve Noir said...

MEJIS- Yeah, we have that one too! :)

LANI- Hi. Thanks & thanks for visiting!

Ria said...

Had fun reading your answers!