Thursday, July 23, 2009

Burton's ALICE: Picture #1-Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts (Red Queen) with pig
as played by Helena Bonham Carter

Hello friends. I wanted to show you the latest thing I found out about Tim Burton's ALICE in Wonderland...and that is several pictures of the cast holding certain animals that are also in the some shape or form. These are some great shots. I may be a lil' MIA I've been writing over at my personal blog (even did 2 posts today, woweee). If you're interested in that blog, lemme know, and I'll email you the link. Cuz it's hush hush (as you probably know as I've said this before)...because I do not go by EVE there...but I don't go by my real name either. ;)

So I will probably post another picture tomorrow of a member of this awesome cast for what will be a WONDERFUL film. Two of my favorite things EVER-Tim Burton & Alice. So So So, I think I'll see it more than The Dark Knight at the theatre (that was my most times seeing a film at the show-4 times, including an Imax Theatre).

Take care & be chatting with you later~

5 Curious people had this to say...:

Demented Wench said...

I love that she's holding a pig. :)

Stephanie♥ said...

I abs. can't wait to see this movie, I loved American Mcgee's Alice..omg it was pure awesome ness XD!I saw the preview of this on Youtube,and I must say,his version looks very intresting and ALMOST as good as the classic(I personally don't think you can get any better than the first one:)) but he adds a sorta gothic like/eerie like twist to everything he does even Coraline and The Night Mare Before Christimas,all of his movies are eerie like and I love that about them!Can't wait to see and Happy Super Early B-day!

cindy said...

i'm totally seeing this in an IMAX! ahhh!!! I'm so excited!!!

BunnyKissd said... I think this one is still up! And thanks to Darkling Woods for posting it this a.m.!

EVE said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Stephanie- Thanks for your comment and for stopping by. :)

Thanks BunnyKissd! I just did not honestly believe there was a trailer so early (from the Post Production rumors I've heard). I posted the trailer I found thru your friend. Sweetness! :)