Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My 20/25 Sale on ETSY

Good morning friends. I just wanted to tell you about a SALE I'm having on my ETSY page. Keeping with the spirit of Alice (in Wonderland), I decided to do a kind of sale based off the Mad Hatter's hat...well, atleast the numbers on it-the 6/10. So for my special sale, it's called The 20/25 Sale. And what that means is basically everything in my shop is either 20 dollars or 25 dollars, not including shipping. I don't know how long I'm going to have these items at this price (but will be atleast a week) ACT now if there's anything you've been interested in!

I'm in the process of adding new items...which will include paintings on canvas sheets I made several years ago under my old artist name, Russet. These will probably go in a special section on my page (maybe in the SALE section because like I said I didn't use the name Eve AND they are quite old...atleast 5 years). Also I added 3 sections for my art, so it will be easier to see a group of items similar at once. I have sections for collages, mirrors, and mixed media at the moment.

OK, just wanted to give my bloggy friends a HEADS UP if they haven't checked out my ETSY in a while. If you're curious about my 20/25 Sale, please click HERE.

OH & a FYI for my Blogging Friends ONLY: I will ship your piece(s) with no charge of insurance 'cuz of this sale (delivery confirmation is included in the shipping cost). Just let me know via email (it's on my LG Gallery page) that you are one of my BLOGGER friends/followers (before or after you place your order)...Thanks. Sorry, I'm only selling/shipping to US Residents at the moment. :(

Hope you all enjoy your day. It's time for me to get ready for my sister to cut & dye my's been sooooo long. Definitely need it. Adios for now~

3 Curious people had this to say...:

Cindy said...

sales are always fun! :) i'm really diggin' that pop tart in your shop btw!

but money is tight...very tight, especially since we are now paying tuition for my son to go to school in the fall. all i can do is drool for the time being...

EVE said...

Thanks Cindy...glad you like the POP TART. :)

Oh I sure know about $$$ being tight. Well, if it makes you feel a tad better...I do have 1 more case if that one sells...
(and maybe you can tell me if you'd like it a different color w/different colored sprinkles too!).


cindy said...

totally awesome! :)