Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some Sad News :(

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen-

I regret to inform you that our (mine & Mike's) computer is not feeling so well. It's been sick for over a week now-gradually getting sicker & sicker. And today it took me FOREVER to just turn it on (and have it STAY on). Not once, not twice...try about 15 times of turning on the power button! So that means it is very very very ILL. I hope it can get fixed but idk at this point.

I am glad I am able to be ON now but idk how long that'll last. Was very shocked when it actually stayed on without shutting it had done 15 times or so before. (Was usually taking about 3-5 times to turn on...and today was the worst, taking over 10 times...and yesterday it just completely shut off when I was uploading a CD into I-Tunes...very sucky.)

Sooo, this means, I won't be posting very much over the next ___. Because I don't know how long the wait will be. Luckily I still have ways of using a computer, like at my work (in the back area) or at my parents' house's just not the same! But of course. It's not really convienent there...and it saddens me that I just can't HOP on whenever I'd like (which I'm very used to at this point).

But the computer is getting older and this was bound to happen at some point. Just sucks even more with the hot water heater still not working...and then Mike told me his I-Pod is being sucky too-go figure!

So if I'm not commenting on your posts, PLEASE know that it's simply because I can't...not because I don't want to.
And I will still moderate my comments (cuz I plan to write a post here & there at other places)...and I'll still check 'em & post your comments too...that is whenever I'm at a place with an accessible computer. As I will miss you all very much. :) And I will try my very bestest to read your posts and comment too. But again, idk how 'regular' I'll be since my work place & parents house are not right around the corner.

AND it sucks even more because Mike and I use the computer for many other things too of course. For example: I use MySpace, FaceBook, check my email, do my ETSY (which I'll have to go on 'vacation mode' because of this problem), pay some bills, etc...etc...etc... So it's not going to be very fun....but I will be occupying myself with other stuff in the meantime. LIKE my yard sale which starts tomorrow through Sunday...or maybe even Monday too. I'll see how it goes.

And I HAVE to clean up/organize my ART it is still a mess since my DAMNED II project (you can see those pics if you befriend me on FaceBook, I'm Eve Noir, of course!).

Also, I will probably put up some previous posts (you know, link to 'em so you can look) of past things you may be interested in. Today I wanted to show you my love of GOLDIE products (though not sold any longer at Bath & Body Works)...and my BIG ALICE and a lil' Tinkerbell product display on my dresser.

Hmm...think I got almost every single ALICE Goldie product, with the exception of the wayyyyyyyy toooooo pricey items. The items 20 dollars (each) and over, that is. I got really REALLY good deals on what you will see...and although it looks like a lot, the cost was very reasonable...and I had LOTS o' store credit so even though I spent a good chunk of $$$ (in the name of Alice, as it is no longer being sold either), I saved a heck of a lot!

The Goldie post is HERE...if you are interested.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week. Cross your fingers for me so I can get back to yous I will miss my bloggy friends & followers/readers-I think it's called now. But ANYWAYS...

Take care & chat with you later.~

XoX~Your friend, Eve

***Posted to keep me Happy & full of Joy until this gets worked out...cuz I'll be making art & having my sale YAY for those things!***

14 Curious people had this to say...:

The Queen of Clearance said...

no no no! You need a computer! I hope you get it worked out!

cindy said...

i am so very sad to hear about this! :(

I hope the issue gets resolved! I know money is tight, but have you ever given any thought to buying a netbook? They are the itty bitty laptops that cost like $300. Pricey still, but it may be something to look into for the time being. Also, try craigslist. You might be able to find something wicked cheap that is perhaps a bit older, but still functioning.

good luck!

themightyblot said...

I can fix your computer. I actually probably know what it wrong from what you said about it. Just let me know.

EVE said...

Thanks for the support friends!

Queen- :( Thank you.

Cindy- Thanks.

Yeah, Cindy...I have ALWAYS wanted my own lil' laptop...never heard of a netbook. I'll have to look into it. That's not a terribly high price. I can't go too long without my blog...or just the computer in general.

Is that YOU Brian B? Heyyyyyy!!! Really?!? Give me a call or text...I'll be home after 5 pm today. And I'll be home all day tomorrow if you'd like to stop by. Just lemme know. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated from both Mike and me.

Take care~

Mejis said...

Oh no! Hope your computer gets well soon!

EVE said...

Thanks Mejis!

The Frog Queen said...

so sorry to hear about that! I hate computer issues!! Frustrating. Sending positive thoughts your way :)


Anonymous said...

i know how you feel about your comp,been there, til we finally saved up for a laptop. hope you sell sell sell everything and have fun :) i had a little flash back when you mentioned alice B&B. the pics came up in my mind and i had to look at the post to make sure i wasn't imagining them LOL is that weird? well i hope it all works out for you and your friend can fix your comp!! have a great sale.

Coco said...

Hi Eve! Sad to hear that your line out to the world is giving you a headache... It sounds like a heavy viral or spyware attack. Do you have anyone around that knows about these things? Hopefully you two can fix it!
Take care and good luck.

The Queen of Clearance said...

I may have...or have not bought you something today....can I send it to your p.o. box? It will be a meduim sized Let me know where to send it too!!! Im so excited for you too see what is it!

LivingDeadNurse said...

I am wondering since u use myspace if you got that trojan virus that a bunch of us got. Took my dad 2 days to get it off. Luckily my antivirus caught it. But i know a lot that weren't that lucky. If u get desperate for a computer. Wipe it clean and start over. hope you get back soon!!

EVE said...

Thanks Coco! Yeah, we know a few people...hopefully things will get straightened out soon. Has been sad but think we'll be ok. (I miss my bloggy & FaceBook friends!)


EVE said...

Hi Queen- Yes, please send it to my PO BOX. Just address it to what's written on my BLOG. Ooo, I am VERY excited!!! (And you so didn't have to send me something...but I'm glad you did anyways!) :)

EVE said...

Nurse- Hm, that is a possibility though I don't use it tooooo much anymore. I will mention it to my friend who's working on our computer. Ooo that totally would suck if we got the virus but anything is possible. Thanks for letting me know! :)

Take care friends & for hanging in there with me through my life-without-computer-times...;)

X's & O's Always~Eve