Monday, August 3, 2009


...does anyone know much about the KISS AND MAKE UP thingie on ETSY? I left neutral feedback for an item because I was not 100% satisified. She left me positive feedback for sending my payment fast BUT I did not arrive my package for a very long time...and opted for neutral rather than negative because of her positive feedback to me.

I don't want to "make up" because I feel like I wrote the truth...the package took a while to arrive...and to get more technical (didn't write this on her feedback part)...she moved & didn't email any of her 'customers' of this...which could've delayed her items...which it did. I waited for 3 weeks to get my item after the 'artist' said 7-14 days. She emailed me ONLY after I emailed her saying "It's been 2 weeks now and I haven't received my package." She said other 'customers' were having the same problem and that she just moved. Overall she has great feedback but this was not cool...especially if I planned to give it as a gift (which I didn't but that's not the point).

What would you do...???...and please be honest. Cuz IDK how long this 'kiss and make up' thing will stay up...Guess they REALLY REALLY REALLY want you to leave positive, it's weird. Ya think??? Hmm...finding out interesting things every with you all later. Time to go home and watch WATCHMEN...Mike is getting anxious!!! ;)

Your Friend, Eve, XoX~

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The Queen of Clearance said...

I've never heard of kiss and make up. I probably would do it because I am a push over but if you werent happy with the service then you have the right to not leave postitive feed back.

Sullivan McPig said...

I think you should stay honest and leave it as it is. Other people have a right to know it's not all positive.

cindy said...

yeah, i would NOT be happy if something i ordered came late...i mean, if it wasn't the sellers fault, that is one thing. But she moved! I'm sure she knew that this was happening, so why couldn't she inform her customers? i think you should leave the feedback alone...this will teach her in the future to NOT forget to mention something as important as moving if it is going to affect shipping.

Irish Chicken Soup said...

I'm not sure what you mean about the kiss and make up thing either, but I do think it's courtesy to let your clientele if changes have been made to their order's status. It's just not good business otherwise.

EVE said...

Hi friends!

Yeah, I decided to leave it as is. It was a very odd situation because she my package and it said her previous addy but was postmarked from her current address (in Illinois). Very odd! So I wonder if she sent it & it got lost or what...but she never emailed/convoed with me so I'm left to think that she screwed up.

It's too bad because I think her product was very cute...but the wait was insane! And to not get an email was not very courteous!

Thanks for your comments.