Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ghost Post: NO, my fellow friends... have NOT been experiencing BLOGGER technical difficulties (w/comments being moderated & not moderated)...I just didn't know the best way of doing things since I'm on (sorta) 'hiatus.' So for the moment, they will be non-moderated...think that would be easier right now.

UPDATE on computer & roomie: my friend's fiance still has our computer (not sure of the 'diagnosis' yet...and to think it's only been gone a week tomorrow...has felt like a month!!! even with doing other things around the house & such. weird! our new roomie started moving his stuff in today...not sure if he'll start staying with us today...but it will be soon. he has TWO maybe he'll let me use one sometimes (i don't see why he wouldn't cuz he knows me well and i'd just be going on here & prob facebook mainly...and i don't do naughty things of course ^_^).

OH, and he told us that building our own computer might be the best way to go. we'll see what happens. we're surviving ok without a computer...i'm on it more than my boyfriend is overall, so it's really me 'suffering'...but there's plenty to do at home & it's a nice lil' break i suppose. just miss my bloggy friends, facebook friends, and just being on the NET in general. though i do go on it (the blogger or facebook though-at the front desk where i work) a bit.

OH and as you may notice the name in the title, as well as 'label' 'em (aka: identification) for these posts are 'Ghost Posts,'...just know that it means i'm NOT at home when writing 'em...that's all. it's just an easier way for me to classify 'em right now.

k, gotta get going...gotta jump on facebook before leaving here...just GOT TO...kidding...but no, i want to see what's up on there too. take care & if i don't chat with yous this weekend, have a good one.
***OH & WATCHMEN was great!!! I give it TWO BIG THUMBS has the EVE seal of approval. And I wished I would've watched it in one sitting now. Maybe I will when Mike gets the even bigger (and longer) edition in December. Take care~

adios amigos~
xox, EVE

7 Curious people had this to say...:

Cindy said...

good luck with the computer situation! building can sometimes be cheaper than buying (my husband builds them), so maybe it's something you should consider...

Mejis said...

I went a year without the internet. It was terrible. lol

The Queen of Clearance said...

stupid computer. my husband is in computers and he always says it cheaper and better to build your own computer, so he is probably right about that! I miss your lovely comments on my blog all the time. I still havent sent your gift out but hopefully I will soon!

Anonymous said...

good to hear from you :)
i don't think i could sit through the entire movie eventhough it is good. can't believe there is an even longer version!
have a great weekend!

EVE said...

Thanks for the nice comments everyone.

No internet for a year-yikes, Mejis!!!

Very curious to what you're sending me Queen, yay. :)

I know Roxy, as if it couldn't get any longer...jeez. I won't notice the extras...but Mike always does. Thanks, you have a great weekend too!

Take care all~

Sullivan McPig said...

Good luck and I hope you manage to get it fixed or build a new one. Ours is a very old computer that has been upgraded through the years by a friend of ours. The actual computer casing can't even hold all the parts anymore and there's extra parts taped to it on the side :-p

Irish Chicken Soup said...

I know how you feel. I lost my computer for a bit and I felt completely stir-crazy. 'Tis my crack. :)

Good luck, I'd be way to inept to build my own computer.