Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hi friends

Hi friends. How are you? I'm alright. Maybe you've noticed that I haven't blogged too much lately...well, have ya? Honestly I don't have the best reasons for being away. I have been using my room mate's laptop but I really prefer my desktop...and we are going to be building/buying a new one soon. So that is another reason to why I haven't been a good bloggee and reading your posts...cuz I honestly don't even like to write blog posts on this thing. (Well, it is a thing!)

And, I have been sucked into the black hole known as FaceBook. It's truly like crack...just like Blogger...well, how Blogger was for me in the beginning especially. And let's see...I've been off work all week but I've been trying to do something productive each day...even if it's small things...because small things can add up to BIG things of course (jeez, you should've seen my laundry, was terrible!). I don't recommend putting the laundry on hold...for anything!

So, besides those things, I truly haven't been up to TOO much. My next BIG productive project is to organize/clean my art room (was left in a huge mess when roomie moved in last week...and I dread just opening the door...but want to make stuff too...but then I think "I HAVE to clean this place..."...and then close the door. I am such a procrastinator...I hate it.

Well, I think Mike's getting ready for bed, and I should call it a night too. It's actually been a long week...guess my few hours at work takes up a good portion of time after all. Hope you are all doing good and be chatting with you soon.

OH and FYI: my private blog is NOT accessible to anyone right now. And I probably will keep it that way. Seemed like it was too much of a hassle and I'm fine with writing it for myself 100%...think maybe that's what I really wanted to do afterall. So it's fine. I'll post about a lil' more personal things here from time to time...but just so you know, that blog is not public or invite only...just my lil' ol' completely private BLOG...and again, it's cool. :)

OK, I better get going but enjoy your weekend and adios for now.


4 Curious people had this to say...:

The Queen of Clearance said...

I miss random cell phone pics...when can I expect some new ones ? ;) Its ok to not blog as much, as long as you come back in full force soon! Miss you!

Sullivan McPig said...

We understand: take it easy and good luck with the buying and building!

Anonymous said...

yes, i was wondering where you were :) glad to know you are doing ok. i also didn't know you could have a "diary" online that no one could read but yourself. that gives me a great idea :)

EVE said...

yup, you should do it roxy. i find it easier than writing in a journal right now. let me know if you do it...and btw: thanks for the email & pics-I'll be posting 'em soon. (Oh, and glad you liked the gifts too!)