Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yard Sale...couple weeks back

Well, unfortunately, the yard sale wasn't that big of a success but I still managed to have a good time. I got to chat with my neighbors, which is very rare, and found out that they aren't as crazy as I thought they were. AND they were the main people to buy stuff from me-bonus!

Also, I had some guests like: Jennylee and her baby Jacob, my mom, Mike's mom, Juno and her fiance, and interesting 'customers' as well.

(Oh and yeah Queen of Clearance, I would like to show my 'random cell pics' thing to ask my roomie...cuz I gotta transfer the memory card to here...don't know what slot is what on the laptop yet...)

So here's some pics from my Yard Sale...enjoy!!!

Oh's trouble...No, it's just Jenny and me. I'm in the black...she's in the blue. I'm glad she came over and brought the baby. We tried to sell him...but I think we were asking for too high of a price. :)

My table...which I put on my escape the sun. I brought out some of my older paintings to show my neighbor across the street...who was also having a yard sale. She really liked 'em...and I found out she's pretty artistic too. Another benefit to having the sale...and I gave her one of my small boxes...she was so happy. I like to give my art as gifts and am thrilled when someone appreciates the gesture so much. ;)

This is Mike's mom. Oh, and hm, did Mike give you that board game Jenny? I can't remember.

Awww, it's lil' baby Jacob and me. He don't look too happy though. Me thinking the sun isn't gonna get this pale white girl in a black shirt...yeah, I had farmer's tan and a red-ish chest the following day for not putting on sunblock. Way to go Eve! :P

O.K. let's all sing that crappy Britney song with the line "I'm not that innocent." Ha ha....BUT you are truly innocent baby Jacob!

It's......Jenny. And Jenny if you say you look slothy, you are gonna get it missy!!!

Mike holding Jacob...and Jacob fearing for his life!!!

They are SO right. Isn't it so cute when a guy holds a baby!??! Awww...awww...and awww! ;)

4 Curious people had this to say...:

The Queen of Clearance said...

hahaha...looks like you had fun, even if you didnt make too much money! I cant wait for those random cell pics!

Anonymous said...

great pics! yard sale sounds like fun. LOL i don't tan either, just turn really red!

Jennylee said...

oh such a hot day ! looks like we had some fun!

Sullivan McPig said...

Looks like you had a good time even though you didn't sell much!