Saturday, August 22, 2009

I've been on Blogger for about...

...9 months now. Well, almost 9 months at the start of September. And I have something that I've been working on planned...that may seem self-indulgent...BUT a blog is pretty self-indulgent in the first place... It's something that will show my blog in the beginning, present, and future. No, it's not random cellphone pictures or even a picture post. Something more simple than that. Just been thinking because before I know it, my 1 year Blogoversary will be here.

But until that 'something' appears, I have a question for YOU...if you choose to answer. I'm wondering how YOU ALL feel about when someone comments on your blog....And they ask a question...or give suggestions/something along those lines. Do you usually comment back on your blog or do you email the person back (if you can)? I used to do the email thing and it was actually a lot of work for me. Not that I have a million comments but enough where it was hard to keep up. So I decided to comment directly on my page...which I think has been working fine.

So I just you think it's rude if a person doesn't comment back? You know the BLOG AUTHOR? Because I follow a decent amount of blogs but some I don't read too often...but the ones I do...well, sometimes they don't respond. And it's kinda irritating to me. This is just my opinion. I mean how many people following you is TOO many???...and is it just simply too hard to answer every comment? Because I know I don't respond to every single person directly sometimes...but I've just been experiencing this on blogs of the past and blogs of the present where the BLOG AUTHORS don't anything I say...and I have 'stopped' following some blogs because it got...annoying.

Just curious because I understand if a blog has like over one hundred followers and say 25-30 peeps are commenting...but only some't that different? IDK....just been something I've been pondering. DISCUSS...DISSECT...what are your thoughts on this subject? Because I know we've all thought about it at some time or another......

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Cindy said...

I know what you can be frustrating to comment back to everyone on your blog sometimes. Lately, i have been super busy, so I don't have as much time to comment back to ANYBODY. But, most of the time, if the person has a blog, I comment on their blog or, if they don't, I respond on my blog.

I wouldn't take it too personally when someone doesn't respond to every comment...blogging in itself can be a lot of work and there sometimes just isn't time. But when a blog author NEVER responds or NEVER takes an interest in their readers, it is a sign that they are just all about talking about themselves and they feel no need to connect to their readers. That makes them a bad writer. Even professional writers have to take an interest in what their audience says, whether they work at a magazine, newspaper, write novels, etc. And blogging is definitely a writing medium where the author NEEDS to take an interest in their readers.

Okay...I'm done with my

Eve Noir said...

Thanks Cindy. And OOO, I see you have a new pic up, cool!

I appreciate you taking the time to write your feelings on the subject. I know blogging is a lot of work (I used to edit edit edit everything...and now that I write not-so-often, it's much easier to comment back to people's comments.)

And you're right, I think it does make a Blog Author a bit of a bad writer to NEVER comment back to people. I try not to take it personally...but then I get to the point where I just don't even want to read the blogger's post. No matter how big or how small of a blog really.

I think you need to 'connect' with your audience some way...and if it's just by a quick comment to say "Thanks" or whatever...that shows courtsey and that the blog author appreciates their followers.

Ok, now my essay is done. Look what you did!?? Just teasing. Thanks again!


Sullivan McPig said...

I usually respond on my blog and not to every individual post, but more general as you may have noticed ;-)
I do sometimes respond by email if i think a comment deserves a private response.
And if i don't respond every time I just hope my followers understand that i'm not snubbing them or anything but just busy.
As for other bloggers not responding to people posting on their blog: I don't expect them to, allthough it is nice when they do. I leave comments because I want people to know I appreciate their blog/post and i can understand that they're too busy to respond all the time.

BunnyKissd said...

I am never quite sure how to reply. Sometimes if I hit reply on the email it addresses itself to, which obviously won't get to the person, and replying on my own blog seems strange, especially when you never really are sure if they have set things to get follow up comments via email. Personally, I don't like getting everyone else's comments, so I don't have things set up like that. Sometimes I go to the commenter's blog, but sometimes even that seems odd...

LJ is so much easier! LOL!

Mejis said...

I try to respond to comments. Sometimes I don't know how to respond to some of them. lol

Eve Noir said...

Thanks everyone for your input. I know what you mean Mejis-sometimes I don't know how to respond either. I think I do more what Sullivan does-a general comment if I have a bunch of comments (like what I'm doing now).

Yeah, BunnyKissd, I don't sign up for comments because I don't need to see everyone elses comments...odd how it does that.

And Yes Sullivan...I do understand what you mean by saying you are letting a blog author know you appreciate his/her post. Yet IDK when it comes to direct questions/suggestions a person gives me/I give them. I guess it's more frustrating when it a person has a smaller blog and they never say, but again, just my opinion.

Ok, enough EVE...thanks all!

The Queen of Clearance said...

if they have an email address attached to their blog I try to reply to them no matter what (but no always), if they do not have an email attached to their blog I only reply to their comment if they ask a question. and If you read my blog regularly I normally just comment on your blogs and you comment on mine and that seems fair enough to me, unless of course you ask a question, then I do reply directly about that. Im not the best at the blogging world, but I try!