Friday, September 11, 2009

10 Things Self Portrait

Happy weekend friends. OK, I cheated a bit (I have 3, and not just one, Self Portraits...Warhol-ish though). Emily over at Follow the White Rabbit did this 10 things about me List and I really liked the idea. So here's mine. I recommend that YOU do a self portrait blog post too. It's a really cool idea. And Emily's blog (and art) is really sweet, check out her list over HERE also.

Ten Things About Me
10-I saw most of Tim Burton's films at the theatre before coming to the realization that he is my favorite director of all-time.
9-I have never taken an art class (besides high school & jr. high) in my life. I did take a couple art history classes though and really learned a lot about style, techniques, etc...
8-I like a lot of deceased people...musicians mainly. Well, I like learning about them and their lives. Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain, and Syd Barrett are all people I would've loved to have met before they passed away (if time doesn't matter for Ian & Syd...a bit before my time).

7-A dream of mine has always been to travel and stay a while in London. I don't know what it is...something is calling me to go there.
6-I have terrible terrible TERRIBLE balance. I fell out of my front door before because my shoes were like an inch or two off the ground. It's ok to laugh...I know I looked crazy!
5-If I could only watch one film forever, it'd be Ghost World. Enid is a personal (though fictional) hero of mine.
4-I typically don't like going places where there's going to be a crowd. Uncomfortable.
3-Speaking of uncomfortable, I think I'm very socially awkward. Small talk is something I'm just not good at.
2-(Emily used this one, sorta) Most of my friends are water am I (a Pisces)...and overall we get along very well. Mike is a Cancer too.
1-Handsome or flat out ugly, if YOU (a guy) have a British accent, I will probably fall in love with you. Oooooh la la. ;) {ie. Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd, Ian Curtis, many British actors, and last but not least, my tour guide when I went to France in 1997...his name was David & he was from Manchester}

7 Curious people had this to say...:

Boyd said...

Speaking of Tim Burton (# 10), have you seen the movie 9 yet? It's really good!

Eve Noir said...

Nope, not yet Boyd. I don't see too many films at the theatre anymore. But I'm sure it's great!


Cindy said...

Tim Burton is the man, Enid is totally awesome, and I may just have you topped in social awkwardness. I'm so awkward. lol

Demented Wench said...

I love the self portraits. :)

Hmm, we've got a lot in common.

Sullivan McPig said...

No idle chitchat for me either. And your number 1 made me think of the movie 'Love Actually' where one of the storylines is about an ugly british guy who goes to America as he's convinced the american girls will love him because of his cute british accent.

Anonymous said...

awesome pic and i also agree with the small talk.

Eve Noir said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments!

Hey Wench!!! Glad to see you. You must be pretty cool if we're similar, ha ha.

Sullivan- That's from Love Actually? Hm, I just might have to watch that. Well, I lied a bit...I could prob only have a phone relationship with someone not so attractive to me (but w/the accent). :) Sometimes I've talked to people at call centers with British accents and have liked that a lot. OMG, I know that's crazy!

Roxy- I am going to get you to BLOG! I just know it! And I know you really want to. Just try it...

Take care~