Saturday, September 12, 2009

How do you feel today? I feel ___

Yes, BITCHY. Not towards any of you. Just in general. My day was alright. Even got super happy and excited for the new Skelanimals stuff for Halloween at TARGET...but then I came home and...blah. Ever get to a point with someone (friend, family member, etc...) where you've just TRIED all you can???...and just feel like giving up on the person cuz it's so...irritating!??! You know, where there's way too much GIVE GIVE GIVE and the person never gives back? This is something I find happening all too often and it never gets easier...just more annoying. Sorry, this is my rant of the week...but I'm frustrated with certain people in my life.
I am meeting really cool new people lately...and I would just rather give my time to them...since they seem to appreciate it (and me) more. I know people change...and you either change with them or stay the way you are (and accept the person's change too). Well, I'm not ready to change so...and if they can't accept it, then that's really not my problem, right? Hm....
I just do not get it when people make you wait and wait and wait. That is my worst pet peeve-I can't stand waiting...just left wondering What the hell happened?!? And as a result that makes me I am now. Sometimes it's just time to move on. I am realizing this slowly but surely. I think I met these new people for a I'm just going to go with the flow.
Take care...and hope you're not feeling bitchy. Hope you're feeling FABULOUS. I think I'll feel better tomorrow...I'll be seeing my mom and she's the bestest! Adios~

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Sullivan McPig said...

Egh.. *hug*
I can understand how you feel. friendship should go two ways.
And my mood is: Tired but content

Eve Noir said...

Thanks Sullivan. *BIG HUG*

Cindy said...

today was a relaxing, fun and productive day for me. sorry to hear that your day has not been the same. hope everything gets better!