Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eve Interview Part 3

-What's one of the worst things that has happened to you because of blogging/on Blogger?

First, I have to say one of the easiest things to do on Blogger is to make friends. Yet, one of the hardest things to do on Blogger is to KEEP friends. Unfortunately I had a 'falling out' with two friends at the same time. It was very painful. And it's both a good and bad thing when you run in "blogging circles." For example: I follow a lot of the same blogs that my followers/friends do. So we run in the same circle(s). And word spreads fast if you're not careful. And usually it's a lot quicker if you're having a big problem with someone.

This incident was with 2 friends that ALWAYS commented on my blog and one of them was a follower since I began blogging. So it was really odd trying to get used to them not being there once they stopped following me. And I stopped following them too because it was just bad news. Unfortunately, I am really really REALLY sensitive so I was sad and angry for a while. Mainly because I saw these people's true colors and just couldn't believe it. I was shocked. And one of these people I got to know really well. We talked on the phone often and knew so much personal info about one another. I even told this girl if she had money problems, she could move in with us because Mike and I were looking for a roomie at that time. So I thought we were pretty good friends.

But honestly I was glad those friendships ended when they did. And I think it taught me a lesson about people and myself at the same time. Still it was hard to realize that these people were nothing like I thought they were. So that was a tough time, and now I'm very cautious about what I say because I don't want anything like that to happen again. (Yet, sometimes things like that just happen...and strangely for the best.) Live and learn, right!??!

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cindy said...

people come and go in blog land unfortunately and all you can do is hope that they are as nice as they seem. unfortunately, not all of them are. hopefully this won't happen to you again!

Coco Calavera said...

Someone told me once that your life is like a straight line from your perspective. Other people walk their own lines. Sometimes the lines run side by side, very close, maybe even get joined. Some stay that way untill the end of your current line, but others just make a turn left or right and are gone. It is sad but that is the way it is.
During my short life I also lost people I (thought I) really knew well, sometimes people change or maybe I didn't look/feel good enough. Fun thing is, there are always new lines crossing yours!

The Queen of Clearance. said...

wow, I had no idea that this happened to you! Im so sorry to hear that! I love all my blogging friends and would be terribly upset if on of them were mean to me! Im glad you are making new blogging friends tho!

Eve Noir said...

Thanks friends for the nice comments. I'm so glad to have met all of you. You are truly great followers and friends.

@ Coco: Wow, that is a great way to look at friendships/people coming in & out of your lives. Thanks for sharing. You are very right with that statement!

@ Queen: You know I forgot to mention that, duh! I was writing this 'interview' at work and it really slipped my mind. But YES YES YES, it was odd because when this big breakup was happening (literally at the same time) I was meeting you and several other BLOGGER buds.

So the loss of them still hurt but was easier to get through knowing I still had some wonderful friends on here. Because those people made me question if I should even continue writing...sad, I know. But it was really hard. Even if they were just "blogging friends." It still felt like a bad ending.

Anyways, my current followers/friends are great (like you!) and I'm happy to still be blogging...and meeting awesome people!

Sullivan McPig said...

Well, you know how me and Carien feel about it and we just wanted to add: *HUG*

Eve Noir said...

Yes, I do Sullivan. Thanks for the hug! *Hugs Sullivan & Carien*

Mejis said...

Sorry that happened to you. :(