Monday, September 21, 2009

Just ADD Gloss!

Yup, gloss makes everything...better...and shinier! Woooo. There's Sludge Duck above. I also added some purple drips to his black pond. So I added a gloss sealer and I like him much better this way. Both Sludge Duck and his pond have the gloss. I think you can tell a bit better in the pics below.

Sadly the hard canvas warped when idiot me poured almost half a (BIG!) bottle of paint on the canvas (making SD a lil' while back). I was thinking "Oh it'll'll just take some time." Wrong! It probably would've never dried if I left it the way it was. Oh well, live and learn...that's all you can do sometimes. ;)

And below is my freshly made Skeleton Mask. Gloss sealer also added to him...or her. I am quite addicted to gloss at this point. I use it on almost every thing I paint. The only thing I haven't used it on recently was the actual toy ponies in my other 'art project' called Pony War. I put it up on my FaceBook page...not here, sorry! ...just cuz it's easier sometimes. OK, enjoy my glittery shiny mask. He is officially done...or she, whoops!

All pictures taken without a it's pretty accurate with its colors and all.

I don't think I could wear it. It even scares me when I put it on! I hope you enjoy your week friends. Oh and have you been to the stores to see all the Halloween merch out now? I can stay at places like Target forever just browsing around...each year they get better while places like Walmart get worse. But that's ok, TARGET is my 2nd Take care~

5 Curious people had this to say...:

The Queen of Clearance. said...

love the mask...but it is for sure scary!

Sullivan McPig said...

Sludge duck looks great! The gloss is a nice finishing touch.
And the mask is really cool!

Coco Calavera said...

Nice 'calavera'! Looks great! You should wear it with halloween, the scaryer the better! :)
Lovely ducky too. Maybe if you paint the borrom side of the canvas aswell it will bend back... Or maybe screw it to a piece of wood...

Eve Noir said...

Thanks Coco! I just might have to do that. Take care~

Jennylee said...

Glad u took my advice and started using gloss